7 August 2014


 For all my Nigerian readers, or readers based in Nigeria. You will be happy to know that another international cosmetic brand will be launching in Nigeria to add to the likes of Mac cosmetics which opened in Nigeria and are doing exceedingly well.

The store opening will be INGLOT!

Yes you read correctly, Inglot cosmetics will be launching in Nigeria before the end of the year. However more importantly they are recruiting make up artists and retail associates for their branches in Lagos and Ibadan. So, if this is something that you are interested in, email the team your portfolio at hr@persianasretial.com for your chance to potentially work at one of these stores.

Persian retail limited is a premier retailer of international brands and obtained the exclusive rights to Inglot in Nigeria. They will be opening up a flagship store in Lagos and Ibadan.

Inglot Cosmetics is one of the world's leading manufacturers in colour cosmetics. Originating from Poland over 30 years ago. Inglot is now present in nearly 60 countries with over 450 stores around the world. Inglot have a vibrant, fun, and extensive range of colour with a variety of products that allow customers to customise their very own make-up palette to suit their beauty needs.

I am so excited for the launch of Inglot in Nigeria, Lets keep these brands coming!


31 July 2014


Everyone that knows me and is fond of my blog, knows that I'm very pro Nigeria and love to embrace Nigerian designers (new and old) and indigenous Nigerian makeup brands. I feel as a country we have so many talented individuals in the fashion and beauty sector that need to be acknowledged and put on different platforms to showcase their talent and products.

Today I want to acknowledge House of Tara, which is one of Africa's leading beauty brands. They have launched a fabulous bright and bold "colour burst' campaign, which has come brilliantly in time for summer. This campaign showcases just how well, women of colour can wear bright coloured makeup confidently and beautifully.

The House of Tara brand owned by Tara Fela-Durotoye, used Banky W's song Jasi to display their beautiful models rocking their 'colourburst' range. It is a visual campaign which celebrates the variety and versility of the House of Tara product line. The new line showcases four different looks, each one representing a different personality and style of makeup. Check out the video below!

Brand Manager of House of Tara, Temi Akingbe said "The ColourBurst campaign has been a few months in the making and was really a combined effort of everyone at House of Tara but most especially the talented makeup artists. We are extremely proud of the campaign and it shows how far the Makeup Industry in Nigeria has come because this clearly rivals any international standard. Most importantly, we wanted to compare the vibrancy of our product line and for everyone to have fun with it!"  

Hope you enjoyed the wonderful visuals from House of Tara. Also check out the full Jasi song by Banky W, if you haven't heard it already. I remember listening to it non stop when it came out.

30 July 2014


Normally, this is the period where people are travelling abroad due to it being summer holidays for those in university and school... (As for the working folk, there is no such thing as SUMMER holiday, and I will now excitedly be acquainted with this feeling lol).

As I was writing this post, I was seated in the airport waiting for my flight. Wearing makeup while travelling for me was just not done. I preferred travelling bare faced, so when I'm all comfortable onboard the plane, I can put my face anywhere and not worry about staining pillows and bedding given. However times have now changed, as I feel it is important to make an effort and look your best when you step out (aside from the gym, and small errands-there is no time for that lol).

Above are few products that give me a confident polished effortless look when I travel. As you can see the products above are not many, as becoming a newbie to the whole makeup and flying, I don't want to be dragging my hand luggage filled to the brim with a whole makeup bag (not forgetting you have to take out the products and put in a plastic bag, to clear security).

So first up we have:
  • 1)MAC Mineralize Skinfinish- Deep Dark: I raved about this lightweight MAC powder for ages and it is essential for me to use when flying, as I don't use any foundation or concealer underneath. So by using this product it gives a clean even polished look, without being heavy. Sometimes I even feel like I'm not wearing anything which is a feeling, I don't come across too often with makeup. (I can't wait for the day, when we will be able to wear makeup, and not feel like we are wearing anything on our skin)
  • 2) Sephora Mascara: Mascara is what in my opinion, makes the easy effortless look, as it opens up the eyes, and gives the face some life. Without mascara, my eyes are so tiny and wearing eyelashes on long flights may not be ideal for some. So mascara is the best alternative and not to mention quick to apply.
  • 3) MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish- Shape The future: This product is optional. I don't usually use this product to highlight, as I use MAC iridescent loose powder in golden bronze, which I spoke abut in my previous post. However the loose powder is not compact enough as you will see in my previous post to be carried along with me. So I opted for the Mac Extra dimension Skinfinish in Shape the future. This highlight is quite bright, and therefore small amounts go a long way. For me, I choose to wear and carry this highlight onboard with me, because I was travelling for quite a while and therefore needed a highlight that would really give a healthy glow.
  • 4)MAC Razin Blush: Every girl needs a blush, to bring out their healthy glow. I chose to bring along Razin by MAC, which is one of my favourites. It is almost like a burnt coppery colour and is absolutely gorgeous on darker complexions. If you are fairer in complexion, a light hand would be advised. 
  • 5) Vaseline: Vaseline is absolutely essential, as when the lipstick comes off during the flight after eating and drinking, you will get tired of reapplying. Vaseline will be your makeup product of comfort believe me.  
  • 6) MAC Lipgloss- Viva Glam V: As the face is quite bare with only a powder, mascara, highlight and blush. I would advise a serious lip combo to be acompanied. I opted for a nude look and used Viva Glam V lipgloss on top of my teddy lipstick, lined with my chestnut lip pencil.
  • 7) MAC Lip Pencil- Chestnut: Very essential, to give definition to the lips.
  • 8) MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick: Surprisingly this lipstick is not my go to, but it just so happened that I was in a mega rush when leaving the house and could not decide which to throw into my handbag. And this gem happened to be the fortunate one. I did enjoy wearing this lipstick, its a natural shade of nude, not too light in colour, and was perfect for the journey. 
  • MAC eyebrow pencil in spiked: I had my eyebrows threaded in my previous post, where I spoke about eyebrow threading. Therefore I did not need to bother with doing my brows. But for those that would want to add a little something to their brows, an eyebrow pencil of your choice would be added. 
These are my travel essentials with regards to makeup. If your not one to bother with making yourself up to fly, just try it with as minimal products as possible and tell me how it goes. Trust me, its not that bad, considering I love practicality and comfort. 

Thanks for stopping by, and have an amazing week ahead (especially for those here in Nigeria, who are back to work after having the luxuary of a 4 day weekend)
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