24 December 2012

My Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Considering Christmas is tomorrow, I thought it only right that I do a 'Christmas wishlist' of a few beauty items I would like to get or receive (wink wink) for myself lol.
   Now I've never done a wishlist before...I don't know why... but I personally like reading other people's as it gives me an insight into what new products are out there or something new to try out.
   So lets get straight into it....

20 December 2012

Product review: BEN NYE Banana Powder

I've had a lot of questions asked about this product, and so thought this should probably be the next review I get done for you guys!
 So without furtheradue here we have the fabulous BEN NYE banana powder!!
I originally found out about the BEN NYE banana powder, as I'm big fan of Kim Kardashian's makeup looks, so then discovered that her make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic uses the banana powder to set her under eye concealer and anywhere else for her exaggerated highlight look, which always gives Kim that stunning bright eyed effect.
BEN NYE products were and still are mainly used for theatrical/stage makeup because of the long stay and very pigmented color payoff, however MUA's and even us fellow beauty junkies have embraced the product with full force, because lets be honest it's an outstanding powder!

17 December 2012


I know I seem to be bombarding you guys with beauty posts, but I know a lot of my readers enjoy them. So here's yet another beauty post, a quick one, just to share with you guys some of the new products I've repurchased and bought newly over the past couple of days... as you could be stuck on new products to get your hands on.
    I will be reviewing each one in up and coming posts so look out for that too!

16 December 2012

BEAUTY- Real Technique CORE review

A few days ago I decided to take the plunge and buy the CORE set of the Real Technique makeup brushes, which have been around for some time, however recently have taken the beauty sphere by storm, and I can see why!
I'm always on the search for the perfect quality brushes on a budget, because I'd rather spend on the actual beauty product BUT its crucial to have the perfect brushes to do the job otherwise that beauty product, to be honest will be put to waste.

23 November 2012

STYLE: Angelic

While I'm writing this post, I'm doing some serious *head nodding* and *wiggles on my bed* to Ryan Leslie's song 'Wanna be good to you,' definitely give it a listen while you read this post too!
Soooo back to the original topic of this post!... I was inspired by neutral nudes, and wanted to style around my embellished piece (my blouse) which was covered in intricate beading. For some reason I'm drawn to anything with beading and sequins or rather any type of embellishment. 
Fish Face!

20 November 2012

A Piece for your wardrobe: Virgos Lounge

I love everything to do with Virgos Lounge! and in my opinion, I really think that every girl should own one of their unique pieces lol. I've been meaning to get my hands on some of their items for a while now and below in my Zara haul post I mentioned that I had another delivery come in that day.... and YES it was for my Virgos Lounge items. I bought 3 things and this skirt below was among them.

15 November 2012

Delivery Day- Mini Zara Haul

Hey Guys! For those of you who may follow me on twitter @Jen_Stanners you would have seen me tweet about some deliveries I had come in today, one of which was my Zara delivery which I must say was very quick, considering I ordered my items on a Tuesday.
Lately I've been quite Zara obsessed and as I had mentioned in earlier posts that my winter wardrobe literally only consists of blacks, grey's and leathers which I love as I find black is chic and so smart not to mention it goes with virtually everything.
I had, had my eyes on the items I purchased for literally sometime now, however I'm more cautious when I buy now, so I literally was thinking of different ways I could wear them weather it be smart/casual, and not to mention that they were always going out of stock as soon as they were put online!

I bought 2 items......

7 November 2012

OOTN- Its Bobble Time

Its been a while (2weeks'ish) and O how I've missed blogging! Firstly I would like to apologize for this absence, but the work load being given at uni is now pretty intense with deadlines and everything, that's why I've been away to focus.....But anyway enough about that as I'm back!....So this weekend just gone, it was another one of my friend's birthday! 
Literally I think every week its a friend's birthday this month, the month of brokeness has finally dawned upon me *cries*
She had a little get together at her place which was a lot of fun!

My outfit pictures were taken on a phone, as I didn't take my camera out, but we tried! so apologies for the blurr in advance it was cold!

27 October 2012

Style Crush: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is just *speechless*, since her major move into her relationship with style guru and rapper extraordinaire Kanye West (Yeezy, loving the couple), I personally think her style has change drastically and I LOVE it. Kim's style has gone through the roof. Her style currently is very monochrome which you will see from the pictures below and she sports a lot of black, greys, whites and leathers. I think its so chic, edgy and she knows what suits her body. She defiantly shows, that you can look equally as amazing with a curvy figure and don't have to conform to the whole 'skinny size 0' craze in the industry. I didn't really think Kim would ever be seen in half the things she wears now! I'm very impressed to say the least!

If I had access to Kim's wardrobe I'll tell you now, she would only be left with hangers!

25 October 2012

TBT- Throw Back Thursday 'Trip to Westfield'

For all you guys on Instagram, every week on Thursday people join in on TBT- Throw Back Thursday, whereby you put up a picture from the past.... it can be from childhood (years back) or it can be from a couple months back. But I'm not sure about putting up something from the day before, however technically it is in the past and a ThrowBack so that's not to say you can't lol, I'm not the rule maker or anything, asin' I don't want trouble loool.
  So I'm throwing it back to the Summer just gone, where some friends and I decided to go and check out the Westfield in Stratford considering I had never been to that Westfield yet, so was my first time heading there. I Had only been to the white-city branch because its I think closer to me but I'm not sure to be honest (could just be my excuse).

24 October 2012

Style Pull Wednesdays: Statement upon Statement

This outfit was inspired to me by piecing statement pieces together and not being afraid of it being too much, but being edgy and tasteful! 
Infused with Rich Golds against black and a color clash of Yellow, this outfit is perfect for any special outting.
Let me know what you guys think?

Statement upon Statement

23 October 2012

SNEAK PEAK- My New booties

A couple weeks ago one of my best mates told me about some new boots she had newly bought from Zara  and told me to check them out online! When I saw them I completely loved them!( She has excellent taste), from the statement sliver metal feel heel to the high rise ankle style of the boot and detailed zip at the back. They are just totally awesome!
Now a couple days ago me and some friends went shopping and checked out Zara as you do, and I came across the beauties (as you can see below from me try them on and posing lol! it even matched my outfit, it was fate)
I just had to get them, they are super comfortable and can be worn all day, don't be fooled by that heel, its a a nice height for an everyday boot.
Cardigan-Zara(here)/Top- Zara(here)/Leggings-Topshop(here)/Bag- Alexander Wang/ BOOTS-ZARA (purchase here)
These bad boys will be in plenty OOTD and STYLE features to come! So excited about them!

Thanks for checking out my Blog


22 October 2012

BEAUTY- My TOP 5 Go-To Nail Polishes this Month

Today's post is dedicated to my Top5 Go-To nail polishes this month. This post is just basically going to show you guys what nail polishes I've reached for the most. I'm someone, that tends to get very bored of colors that stay too long on my nails, so I like to switch it up and play around with different colors. I can literally change my nail color every 4days LOL. My choices this month have been influenced as you can see from the Autumn/Winter season but I've added a nice sparkly one in there, because we do have to give ourselves a break from all the dark vampy colors trending atm.
So here they are!

18 October 2012

OOTN- The Season Of Knitwear

A couple of days ago it was one of my good friend's birthdays and we all went out for dinner at TGIs to celebrate his 22nd birthday. TGIs btw is one of my all time favorite restaurants for GOOD food, but I'm always spoilt for choice,... so as you guessed it, I'm that annoying person that holds the table up taking 100 years to choose a meal!
Anyway remember what I told you guys in the OOTN-leathered up post.... that whenever I'm out with the lot, the amount of laughs we have is just ridiculous. I literally went home with a sore stomach from all the cackling and rolling on the floor I did LOL
The evening sure was amazing!!

Below are pictures of my outfit that I wore, I wanted to keep it quite casual but dressy at the same time, so I opted for knitwear, as it is the season of knitwear and dressed it up with a midi skirt, stripped  tailored shirt underneath and some jeweled accessories. The Jumper I bought a couple sizes bigger, because I wanted a slouched over-sized look.

Thursdays Style Crush:- Shingai Shoniwa

Today's style crush of the week goes to Shingai Shoniwa. Shingai Shoniwa is an English singer but of Zimbabwe descent, she sings lead and bassit for the UK indie Rock band Noisettes. Her first name Shingai, means to be strong, and she certainly is.
I had the opportunity of bumping into her at an awards show a couple years back and was in complete Awe of how stunning and beautiful she is, from her natural bold statement hair to her style to her music I just LOVE everything about her!
Shingai's style to me is very animated;loud;quirky and colorful  much like her.... she speaks through her outfit choices. Her style choices may not be everyones cup of team, but it certainly is mine with biscuits on the side!

17 October 2012

Style Pull Wednesdays': Spot the Orange

This fall I will be layering fur as its going to be getting colder and nothing screams more CHIC than a piece of fur!
This outfit was inspired by a 70's feel (flared trousers and printed waist coat) meets your trendy city girl with the cool specs and killer tanned boots!

Hope you guys like it, and tell me what you think!

Spot the Orange

16 October 2012

BEAUTY DIY- Concealer Pot

Hey Guys, I wanted to quickly share with you a quick little D.I.Y, I made from an old jar I had lying around my house! .....maybe not so much a D.I.Y, but I made use of a small jar and converted it into a concealer pot!! :D.. I'm sure you guys were wondering what the pot (no4) was in my FOTD post below well here it is.....

15 October 2012

BEAUTY- My Top 8 Favorite A/W lipsticks

YAY so we're in Autumn/Winter, and I was thinking of a beauty post for you guys,..... and 'MY TOP 8 FAV, AUTUMN WINTER LIPPIES' sprung to mind. I'm sure your thinking 'Jen why 8' right?..., reason being I just couldn't decide on 5 because I wanted to show you guys a good selection, and 10 for me was too much, you guys could get bored (plus 8's my bday day lol).

13 October 2012

Style Crush: Eva Marcille

I have to say, that this is a 'new in' Style Crush..... I've recently been watching 'Girlfriend Confidentiality LA' a reality series starring Eva Marcille and her other 3 girlfriends. For any of you that don't know Eva Marcille formerly known as Eva Pigford, she was the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 3.....and I have to say that Eva's style is just so Gangsta! lol Her outfits are just fierce and Diva-ish (don't mind my made-up words) she truly knows how to throw and piece together eye catching ensembles.....weather it is her doing the styling, or a stylist styling her, I have to give Kudos where they are due. 
To me, I think her style has drastically improved, because the old Eva 'Pigford's' outfit choices, I never  was too keen on.

 I Love LOVE this outfit above, as you guys all know I'm a sucker for anything African printed, so this outfits' just a winner!

12 October 2012

Feeling Home Sick- I miss Nigeria

Pre-Warning that this isn't anything to do with fashion or beauty, its just a little lifestyle post I decided to put up! But I was roaming my lappy and came across some pictures I took back in Nigeria this summer from my cousins birthday, that day probably had to be one of my favorite days of being away on holiday over the summer! We went out to celebrate her birthday the night before at Liquid in VI and then from the pic's below we chilled on a Sunday at Elegushi Beach.... we ate, danced and above all rode horses! That was my first time I had ever ridden a horse...... Their such BIG and SCARY creatures. There were so many times, while being on the horse, I was actually praying for my life looool, my horse seemed to be quite clumsy getting me and itself tangled in a volleyball net but it was such a great experience!
*sigh* I'm thoroughly missing Naija! see picures below

Featured:- By Africansweetheart.blogspot.com

Yesterday I was featured on www.africansweetheart.blogspot.com, as part of their 'STYLE FOCUS' and I'm just over the moon, as this is my very first in depth Style feature! I Just want to say another Big Thank You to AfricanSweetHeart for the feature as I'm a regular reader of the fantastic blog which features News; Entertainment; Beauty&Style; Relationship articles along with amazing and inspiring Wedding posts etc.. ., the blog truly inspires and cultivates the everyday African Girl living in a cosmopolitan world!

Here's the Link below, CHECK IT OUT GUYS:

Join me on my jorney and 
Thank You For Visiting My Blog


11 October 2012

Style: Mama Bear

This jacket below makes me feel like a big ol'grisly bear (that's why the titles' called Mama Bear)lol. I had a love-hate relationship with this jacket as I always felt it made me look so big,.. but after having it in my wardrobe for almost 2years+ and only worn it once, I've got a new found love for it as it just gives such a glamorous diva look and it will come into great use this winter. So what better time to whip it out, as the weathers cooling down and the winds getting harsher! Also in the post below'Brave the Cold' I mentioned hats were one of my fall/winter essentials, so bellow you can see that I'm wearing a big wide brimmed hat for all you hat lovers out there!!

Caught Getting my groove on! *covers face* lol

Oops and Again lool I just love dancing

Pulling Funny faces is one of my things lool *covers face* aswell as randomly dancing lol

Fur Coat- Motel
Jumper- H & M
Skirt- Topshop
Heels- Office
And the lipstick that I have on is MAC's- Rebel

Hope you guys enjoyed the post?
And let me know what your Love-Hate, turned Love items are?!

Thanks For checking out my Blog

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