14 June 2012

BEAUTY- 'Dupe' that Gold Deposit....

Mac's Infamous Mineralize Skin finish in 'Gold Deposit', has been around for sometime now, making an essential part of some of our makeup looks, adding high metallic finishing to where applied, usually as a bronzer.... 
HOWEVER retailing at £21.50 for 10g of product, can be a stretch at times....

Mac Mineralized Skin finish in GOLD DEPOSIT

HOWEVER A DUPE FOUND FOR MAC Mineralize Skin finish in Gold deposit is............ DRUMROLLL PLEASE!!
FAMOUS by Sue Moxley - HAWAII

I've used Mac's Mineralize skin finish for a long time now and when I tried this dupe out a while ago, I never had to reach for my Mac's Gold Deposit!
Seriously Guys! It literally is the same thing, saving you a lot of moneys, and it is just as pigmented as the Mac skin finish....
 Famous by Sue Moxley range is sold in Superdrug stores, The big superdrug stores carry Sue Moxley and can be purchased for a mere £6.00 containing 9g!
I mean I don't think you can go wrong with £6.00, over £21.50 for the same product but 1g less to be very honest!

Here's the comparison....... Enjoy your new find guys ....
I will be posting more Dupes I come across, as they can be very helpful and easy on the pocket :D


  1. Thanks for this Jennifer! I've been eyeing up the mac one but i'm such a broke student! I'll deff be picking up the sue moxley one though :)
    xoxo sade

  2. lool No problem Sade! It has deffinatley been of great help to me, as Mac products can be so expensive at times! But I'm glad this post was of help!!.... The more Dupes I find, I'll be sure to post them up! :D
    XOXO Jenny

  3. oooo my! when my mac one is done defo gonna try this. can you do a post on like how you apply it cz sometimes when I apply it lol instead of looking glowy my face just shiny lool

  4. Definitely going to look for this when I'm next in Superdrug. Love your blog :)

  5. I haven't actually tried mac gold deposit but I might give this dupe a go

  6. Deffinately Guys, give this product a try, its well worth it! XxX

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