22 June 2012

BEAUTY- Nail Mayhem......

In the previous post I mentioned that 'I GAWT MY NAILS DID!' lol, this was exciting for me, because I hardly ever get them done but I thought why NOT..... as the weather made me feel good, so why not my nails feel even better!....and I Loved the way they came out

The nail technician achieved this look by using the glitter below and dapping it on my tips with her fingers

This Nail Polish was used to achieve the colour:

Misa Nail Polish- Indian Tan

The previous times I had my nails done I always had, squared shaped tips, but today I tried rounded/stiletto-pointy shaped nails for the first time!
 I wanted to do the stiletto/pointy shaped nails , which are really in vogue and are being sported by a number of celebs below but I didn't have the guts to go straight into the deep end, as their very pointy. However they can really elongate your fingers making them look oh so 'FABULOUS!', making your nails stand out, so if your willing to try a new style, this could be the style for you......
Rocked by Beyonce

Rocked by Rihanna
Rocked by Lady Gaga

Lastly here's mine and the girls nails: might give you some ideas for your next nail trip!

Happy with my nails! lol XxxX



  1. Thats genius!!


  2. Thank you!!, was really happy with the design thought it was genius too!


  3. Very cute But for some reason I am afraid to try pointy or round nails but yalls came out great


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