6 June 2012

BEAUTY- The Power of Foundation Chanel Review...

Recently I just swapped foundation brands as Ive been a dedicated Mac followers for years now, but for some reason, lately their foundations weren't doing justice for me.

The latest Mac product I used was the Mac's MatchMaster in no:8.0

Before that, I was using Mac's Studio Fix Fluid in NW45.

Firstly the Studio Fix Fluid for me was such a nice foundation which I could use as light coverage and also work more for a heavier coverage, however when the MatchMaster came out, curiosity obviously lead me to believe that it would probably be better.
Having tried the MatchMaster out, it just didn't sit well with my complexion even though it was the right shade on their scale... The Match Master came out with a new numbering scale with 14 different shades; Personally for me, I found it was to heavy on my face, not being a light product and was always very obvious that I was wearing makeup. So my experience with MatchMaster wasn't that great.....
So eventually I went back to StudioFix Fluid, but as time went on I was just getting fed up of Mac's foundations and wanted to try something new..........

I had heard a lot about Chanel's new range Perfection Lumiere which was released on the 13th January in the UK, which was exciting as it had a wider selection of darker skin shades to choose from! So I thought I would go and match my skin tone and try it out. On being matched to the foundation, I had the choice of choosing between three different shades but I went for 114 Ambre which matched my skin perfectly. I was also given a small sample of their Sublime De Chanel Mascara in 10 Deep Black.

I absolutely Love LOVE this foundation, its a matte finish foundation, so those of you with oily skin like me are best suitable for it, as well as it is a long wear and is said to stay on for up to 15 hours. It just gives a flawless look, looking like my skin but even better....and I was so Happy I made the switch.
Light coverage can be achieved with this foundation, as well as medium to heavy coverage by building with the foundation. The foundation I also found had a pleasant scent to it, which was quite nice as the smell doesn't linger it goes very quickly, but I like the fact that it doesn't smell like Makeup!
30ml of product is what you get, but I find with this foundation that a little goes a long way, usually a  pump and half will do me very well.
Its defiantly an excellent buy and you can't go wrong with it... The only draw back is that, it is a lot more expensive that Mac's foundation as its more high end
Retailing for-£36.00
So if your not really willing to spend a lot of money on foundation, I wouldn't recommend purchasing it. But if your willing, then this is the foundation to go for in my opinion...


Tip for applying Chanel Perfection Lumiere
I found when I first started using this foundation, that it went on very well when using your fingers. as your fingers help warm the foundation on the skin giving an even lovelier finish.
 If your using this method of application make sure your hands have been disinfected antibacterially to avoid spreading germs. 

Later I switched to my Sigma flat top kabuki brush which is one of the best brushes I've used to apply liquid foundation, as application with my fingers was getting to messy and using a brush was just more practical and cleaner. The brush does a good job at buffing the foundation into the skin so I'm able to use less of the product.
I bought the sigma brush of ebay from a UK beauty seller and was pleased with the packaging.

However for some of you that don't have the Sigma and have Elf brushes like me as well, the equivalent would be the Flat Top Powder brush. Yesssssss I know it says its a powder brush but before I discovered my beloved Sigma brush, I used the Elf powder brush to do the job and it worked so perfectly and is cheaper for the pocket.....


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  1. What's the undertone for the Chanel foundation in that shade?


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