5 June 2012

New Blogger Alert!!

Hey everyone!!! my names Jennifer ('Jenny' 'JenJen' 'JJ' 'Jenny baby') 

and I'm a newbie to the blogger world (scary stuff -bites nails) lol. 
Blogging is something I've wanted to do, but have been procrastinating about doing so, as I was so busy with uni, but I thought I'd start now to get my blog up and running as i have minimal distractions now that its summer!

Currently studying Pharmacy at University, I have always loved Art, had a 'PASSION FOR FASHION'  as well as Beauty in taking care of the body and enhancing beauty with different products, And last but not least my country NIGERIA!
so this blog will be based around my interest in Fashion, Beauty and Artistry and a few other stuff that randomly might pop up lool!! 
So join me on my exciting journey as i share with you my personal tips in beauty and plenty outfit ideas and my love for my country....



  1. Yes! Big up the Naija fashion/beauty bloggers! Welcome to the blogosphere! Your blog is looking pretty damn amazing already :)
    xoxo Sade

  2. love your blog Jennifer. Do you have an email or contact for press?

  3. Thank you so much Sade, and so is yours mylove!! I'm glad to be apart of it! loving it already :D XXXX

    And Thank you!! grlinmedia! Yess my contact email: jenniferstanley@hotmail.co.uk i'll put up on my blog when ive sorted the layout properly!


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