5 June 2012

OOTN- Hand-me-downs from ma Mama!

Hand-me-downs by definition is when a used item of clothing is passed down either by friends or family or can even be sold on. However in this case my sweet Mama had these pair of Gap Jeans she no longer wore and was going to give them away........But it occurred to me, that I could change them up, incorporating them into my own style, so i quickly ran off with them lol.
Sometimes it can be scary to venture into our parents old clothes, However you'll find that allot of trends in fashion now, were also too back then. So I happily wore them on a night out altering them slightly by rolling the legs up and pinching the waist.
So again I opted for the androgynous look as I just love the look of mixing masculine and feminine styles together.....here are some pictures



Blazer- Zara
Top-River Island
Jeans- My mummy's 'Gap'
Heels- Zara
Bag- Tory Burch
Earrings- they were a Gift
On My Lips- RubyWoo by Mac


  1. Gorgeous. Flawless. Stunning! I love how you've put this altogether. I love it!

  2. Thank you so much girl!! I really appreciate it :D XxX

  3. O!
    CHIC LOOK, well put together.

    J x

  4. love this look !perfect and so class

  5. omg... think i hv a girl crush (hand over face)
    love your style...


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