10 August 2012

Feeling like an African Queen

During this holiday trip we visited my Grandma's in Calabar which is the capital of a state in Nigeria called Cross River State. She celebrated her 75th birthday, by having a big party!
As everyone knows Nigerians just love a party and so everyone came out in style to celebrate, including many family members and family friends, the event was a grand and fun filled day.
It started off with a church service ceremony and ended with a vibrant party!

I wore a 'traditional' outfit, a skirt and top accompanied with 'Gele' (headpiece).
 I designed my outfit from the top to the skirt and had it made by my tailor. The top was made with gold lace and skirt from Raw Silk George.
Corals are such a traditional piece of Nigerian culture and usually are worn for big occasions, so I wore a mixed gold and coral pair of earrings in the shape of cherries and and mixed bracelet to match.

Here are some picture below :)


Top was made with Gold fine lace: With a high neck and a key whole design in the bust designed as a fitted corset.

The skirt made of Raw Silk Lace: I designed an exaggerated fish tail as this style is majorly trending with celebrities on the red carpet right now, and wanted a statement outfit.

Above is what you call Gele: stiff fabrics are used to tie your gele as, this will hold its shape
throughout the day.

FOTD- Face Of The Day
I choose a more glamorous style of makeup for the event, and wanted colours that complimented my outfit and therefore went with, dark wine lip and gold on my eyelids

My brother and I at the church service

Gran's Cake which was absolutely yummy


  1. i'm so in love with these nigerian clothes (i'm from ivory coast but i love yours ^^ )



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