8 August 2012

UPDATE: 'Where are you Jenny?'.......Nigeria!!

HEY Myloves! 

.....I know I know, Ive actually been missing and had vanished of the face of the planet! :(
Reason being..
I'm currently in Nigeria on holiday and have been for the past Month, but unfortunately or me the internet hasn't really been in my favour and hasn't allowed me to BLOG! *cries a river* 
But I've been able to get some leeway today :D

I absolutely Love my country Nigeria, and have had an amazing time while out here attending shows plus the nights out have been so crazy, even though I'm nowhere near heading back yet!
 I was in Abuja for some time, and then headed to Lagos "LasGidi" and finally landed in Calabar for a short time for grannies 75th birthday which I will be doing a post on!

I will be blogging events and nights out that I've have attended in the following posts to come and plenty more, so ENJOY!



  1. omg your country is absolutely amazing!

  2. Whoa!!! Nigeria looks beautiful, I need to go there soon.
    Hope you has a blast!

    1. Nigeria is truely beautiful! and has so much potential....
      when you get the chance i would deffinatly recommend going back!
      Thank you temi, im really enjoying myself out here!!


  3. Nigeria is amazing am so proud to be Nigerian lol


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