30 September 2012

BEAUTY: Cheeky ELF Haul

Eyes Lips Face ELF is a cosmetic company that started online, and for everyone that knows ELF, they can agree that the pricing for their products are easy and cheerful on the pocket.

As a few of you know, a couple of days ago they started their 50% off if you spend £50 or more.... I was waiting for my chance to get more of their brushes, so when they had their offer up, I was ready and dived in like a hawk lol...... I needed some more brushes to add to my set, as we all know as women, good brushes are key for our makeup to look flawless......So girls invest in brushes it will boost your makeup look. I was also in need of a couple of other things I was beginning to run out of, such as my Mist and Set! Everything cost me £26 as I got it half price with their code, which is amazing.

Anyway enough talking from me since I tend to go on and ON, below are pictures of my purchases. This May give you an idea of  what you might want to get from ELF......If you would like me to do a review on any of the products below let me know!

The Brushes I purchased were all from the Studio line, apart from one from their normal range which was the blending brush I've heard so much about.
Brushes I purchased

I bought the Mist and Set which I previously bought a year ago and I'm nearly out, so I stocked up and also Purchased some Brush Shampoo to be washing my brushes with.

I bought this Blush called 'Gotta Glow' as a highlighter to use on my cheekbones to give me a glow..its also known as a dupe to NARS 'Albatross' so we will see how it fairs out.

My thought so far as I haven't really tested out any of the Makeup products, but having quickly tested the Lip Stain I feel as if its too sheer and the lip color comes off slightly when you apply the gloss with the applicator which shouldn't really happen as its suppose to be a lip stain, but will try it out further and see how it fairs out! this phrase- 'fairs out' seems to be my new favorite saying lol

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