19 September 2012

LMUF Beauty Haul!

This is actually my first Beauty Haul, which is odd considering I love buying beauty products.... but i just never get round to blogging about them, which I will try and do, when I purchase any goodies I feel are worthy enough to show you guys!

In the previous Post I did say I would be sharing with you, a few things I picked up at LagosMakeUpFair....

Firstly: 'Shades n Sparkles'

  Living in the UK, I have access to allot of the luxury brand cosmetics and drugstore products so I decided to purchase some cosmetics brands based in Nigeria, to give them a go and see how they fair up.

 There was a New cosmetic line called Shades n Sparkles which are based in Lagos, which were at the LMUF, so I decided to get some things from them. As they stocked other brands as well as their own, such as MAC and WETnWILD palettes.

Concealer palette and Eyeshadow palette by Shades n sparkles
Below are both eyeshadow palettes by Wet n Wild

'Shades n Sparkles' EyeShadow Palette
88 shade eyeshadow palette
I've been wanting one of these palettes for a while... so when i saw it, I checked out how pigmented they were from the testers, and to my surprise this palette is SOOOO pigmented I absolutely LOVE IT! the reason i also love this palette is because the colours are nice and neutral, which i use more than brightly coloured shadows

Just a few swatches below from the shades and sparkles eyeshadow palette to show you how pigmented they are:

Shades n Sparkles Concealer/Foundation palette

Excuse some of the mess lol, ive already started using some of the colours for highlighting and contouring, creme based concealers are a good form to highlight and contour with.

As you can see the colors in the palette are very true to life.

Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette
I was so excitted to get the palette below as its a limited edition with all the neutral and golden bronze colours a girl could ask for!

Wet n wild - Limited Edition Golden Goddess

Glitter palette- Fantasy Makers by the creators of Wet n Wild

Overall I was VERY VERY happy with everything I purchased from Shades n Sparkles.

From BarryM, I got two new nails polishes, and I'm super excitted to try them out, I also purchased their new black eyeliner which is in the shape of a blacker marker, I thought it was super cool when i saw it, plus the naija weather had dried up my liquid liner so i was in need!

Pink Iridescent

left- Pink Iridescent  right-Croc effects

Barry M Black Maker is amazing

You can now Purchase BarryM Nigeria in Lagos
Shop 020 Abeni Shopping Plaza II,
52B Ligali Ayorinde Roundabout
off Muri Okunola, Victoria Island, Lagos

THIRDLY- Beauty Blender
I have wanted one of these essential makeup tools for quite some time, so when i was at the fair, i came across it and bought one, thinking back, i really should have bought two but OH well lool
these sponges are really good for blending concealer and foundation to give a flawless look.

Sorry this has been such a long post but I wanted to show you what i won at the fair, they were doing a give away from CALI COLORS, of which they asked a question to the crowd of ladys, and i happened to come from nowhere and know the answer, and Viola I won this beauty kit, and believe ME! I NEVER win anythingg! so i was soo happy and chuffed

It did come with a 4th palette but I gave that out :)X

So that was everything I bought from LMUF, Hope you guys enjoyed the post..


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