20 September 2012

London Fashion week- Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

I was invited to watch London Finest Fashion Show season4 for London Fashion Week, held at the plush Westbury Hotel, Mayfair London.
I met some really cool Fashion Designers and Fashion Bloggers, amongest which were some of the Contestants from Rihanna's Hit fashion reality show called 'Styled to Rock'

Here are some pictures! enjoy 


Below are some pictures of  the SVE Fashion Collection by Sally a designer who was a contestant during the Fashion reality show produced by Rihanna called 'Styled to Rock': her collection was very elegant.
Here on the far right, are Ricky and Zainab who were also contestant for the Rihannas's Hit fashion reality show.
Zainab won the first challenge to design a piece for Kanye West, here she is next to her creation

This collection El'Frida Designs was by one of my favorite designers a young girl called Eni Fakoya. Very youthful and Chic collection.

Jenny and I, with Eni Fakoya a friend of hers.
Caught up with Funmi Ogunja

Afterwards we were all Famished so decided to go for some Dinner, nothing beats a day ended with pizza loool

Will be doing an OOTD of what i wore here in the next post



  1. woow love your outfit where are the blazer and trousers from plz


    1. Thank You So much Michelle I've just posted an OOTD for that LFW, so all the details are in the post!

      Your blog is wicked! I really wanted to come for the bloggers meet up, you guys had but I was on holiday :(, next time!!


  2. your outfit looks amazing *_* i love the prints :)) you are very beautiful. your blog is very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! the fabric print is what made me fall in love with the material! had to have it!

      Your blog is lovley and creative! Im following you


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