16 October 2012

BEAUTY DIY- Concealer Pot

Hey Guys, I wanted to quickly share with you a quick little D.I.Y, I made from an old jar I had lying around my house! .....maybe not so much a D.I.Y, but I made use of a small jar and converted it into a concealer pot!! :D.. I'm sure you guys were wondering what the pot (no4) was in my FOTD post below well here it is.....

Now one of my concealers I use by Mac (my select cover up), I had lost the lid for it...and as you all know the concealer comes in a squeezy tube. Having it without a lid in my makeup bag, was just getting too messy, meaning I was always having to constantly wipe down my other make-up products and wash my makeup bag!
I got so irritated, that I literally stopped wearing it lol and stopped carrying it around, but just covered it up and threw it in my draw *with annoyance*....... Now I'm prancing around my house as you do, and I stumbled across a small jar which was just magically lying around in my kitchen. It wasn't being used, but just kept there, probably for future usage (you know how african parents love to keep any thing for storing food in) and *LIGHT BULB* it came to me, that it would make a PERFECT concealer pot for my select cover-up I had lost the lid too! not to mention its a cute jar!

I thoroughly washed it and started dancing but then ran to my room before anybody could see the mischieve i was getting up too lol.......I had finally found a solution for my lonely concealer all on her lonesome in my draw!And so my surgery procedure on her started lol

Empty Jar

I used a permanent marker to write the concealer color name, as I'm pretty forgetful sometimes. and may possibly forget the shade
And VIOLA!!! there we have it.... a secure, un-leakable concealer pot!!
Goes to show, you can really make usage of a lot of things you truly don't value anymore!

Hope you enjoyed the post
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  1. I love a good DIY project, this is. Great!

    1. Thank you girl! I've been really into DIYS off late!


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