22 October 2012

BEAUTY- My TOP 5 Go-To Nail Polishes this Month

Today's post is dedicated to my Top5 Go-To nail polishes this month. This post is just basically going to show you guys what nail polishes I've reached for the most. I'm someone, that tends to get very bored of colors that stay too long on my nails, so I like to switch it up and play around with different colors. I can literally change my nail color every 4days LOL. My choices this month have been influenced as you can see from the Autumn/Winter season but I've added a nice sparkly one in there, because we do have to give ourselves a break from all the dark vampy colors trending atm.
So here they are!

1. BARRY M- 'Pink Iridescent'

This was a recent purchase I bought during the summer, when I attended Lagos Make-Up Fair in Nigeria, which you guys may have seen from my LMUF Haul Post. I fell in love with this nail polish when I saw it. A big fan of glittery and sparkly nail polishes I new I had to get it. This nail varnish has the slightest hint of a baby pink color (almost clear) and is filled with the smallest pieces of the prettiest iridescent glitter. I've been wearing this nail varnish alone which usually takes about 4 coats to get a nice opaque look, however this polish is versatile and can be worn on top of any other nail polish to give it that sparkling effect, as it virtually comes out clear. If you can get your hands on the little bottle of sparkle I would defiantly go for it! its just so pretty! The only drawback I have with BarryM polishes, is the time it takes the polish to dry, it always seems to take much longer than the rest.
Retailing for £2.99

2. EXPOSED- 'Concrete' and 'Red Carpet'

This was a brand I hadn't tried, but had come across in the beauty store in my area. I was captivated by the packaging and having tested it on my nail with one quick rushed coat, I was surprised on the color payoff and the smooth application due to the well made polish brush. The two colors above are Concrete and Red Carpet.
#Concrete: A strong grey 'concrete' color, with I think a hint of a baby blue undertone (but that could just be me). Everybody knows its hard to get the right shade of grey for you skin tone sometimes, because they can either be too dark/light etc- But I found mine.
#Red Carpet: A bright rich hot red, and is a high shine polish. Both Concrete and Red Carpet have a glossy finish so there's never a need for me to add the top shine coat over it.
Exposed is formulated by Fiabila Nail Technologies of Paris, and they specialize in the highest quality polishes at the best prices. Their large range of polishes include metallics, neons, glitters they have everything!! Their fantastic and will be purchasing others soon.

3. NYX-

I had first purchased a NYX polish about a few months ago, and since then have really liked their range of polishes. They have a variety of colors to choose from and have a glossy finish that last for a long time. I would have to say that this would be joint first, with Exposed Professional Nail Lacquer I spoke about above. The quality of the nail polishes are excellent and come with a good brush (not bushy) that allows good and smooth application, the consistency also isn't too runny and not too thick its just right. I also find with NYX polishes that they dry very quickly, unlike BARRY M which just takes forever. However with NYX they seem to require about 3 coats to get a nice Coverage ....But other than that these polishes are fantastic 
and easy on the pocket.
#Secret: A Metalic Coppery brown color which catches the light. I've worn this color the most, and its beautiful, very in trend with the A/W season.
#Garnet: A deep wine red color which just looks so classy on. I think that's one of the reason I love it. Wine polishes are probably my all time fav, weather we're in A/W....all year round you can find me in this color!


Let me know your thoughts on the Polishes?

And Thank you for visiting my blog

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