15 October 2012

BEAUTY- My Top 8 Favorite A/W lipsticks

YAY so we're in Autumn/Winter, and I was thinking of a beauty post for you guys,..... and 'MY TOP 8 FAV, AUTUMN WINTER LIPPIES' sprung to mind. I'm sure your thinking 'Jen why 8' right?..., reason being I just couldn't decide on 5 because I wanted to show you guys a good selection, and 10 for me was too much, you guys could get bored (plus 8's my bday day lol).

SO we're in a new season and my lipstick choices have drastically changed. With excitement I'm reaching more for the dark, plummy, chocolaty, winy colours!! I LOVE lipsticks and unfortunately have a bit of an obsession BUT I find that lipsticks are those beauty products that you can never really have enough of lol, or it could just be me!
So below are my Favorite 8, which may give you guys an idea of what lippies you might want to pickup when you next go make-up shopping, or may just give you some ideas about new colors you may have been scared to try out!
(L-R KateMoss for Rimmel 'KissofLife 111' 'Rossetto 107', Mac 'Rebel', NYX lip smacking 'Pluto 541' 'Violet Ray 561', Smooch 'Merlot', Sleek 'Vamp' 'Liqueur'

1. KATE MOSS FOR RIMMEL LONDON- 'Kiss of life 111', '107'

 Kate Moss recently released a collection for Rimmel London which consists of 5 matte lipstick shades, however I only picked out 2 of the shades in 111 and 107, as I wanted to try them out first. I also have been looking for a new matte red, because my 'Ruby Woo' by Mac is slowly coming to an end and so wanted to try something NEW.
#111- Is just the perfect classic British red, and is ultimately my new perfect red. Its that striking but pleasant red that goes on virtually every skin tone, so if your looking for a new matte red, then I would HIGHLY recommend this lipstick. It has to be one of my best buys so far.
#107- This shade is a deep dark redy plum color, (in real life its more darker and plumy) but this shade is very beautiful and falls in perfectly with A/W, its falling into one of my most worn this month.

If you are looking for some new matte lipsticks, I would highly recommend this collection because the lipsticks apply like a dream, and are super creamy in texture but on the lips look matte! They don't dry your lips out, but are super hydrating, unlike Mac's matte lipsticks. Plus retail for a super £5.49.. I think these lipsticks are on the same level of quality and pigmentation as Mac lipsticks so you would be saving a lot of money considering Mac lipstick retail for £14.
purchase here (BARGAIN now retailing for 4.99 on ASOS and if you have NUS you also get your discount off again) 

2. MAC- 'Rebel'

Mac's rebel is an all time favorite of mine, I recently wore it in the 'STYLE- Mama Bear' post I previously posted. Its a Satin finish range from Mac (slight glossys finish) and therefore glides on to the lips like silk. Its creamy and smooth in texture and is highly pigmented! Its long wearablity means when wearing this lippy I hardly have to top up during the day. 
If you don't own a purplish lipstick and want to try out this color, I would suggest rebel its a real beautiful plummy purple and looks good on all skin types. Retails for £14

3. NYX- 'Pluto', 'Violet ray'

These lipsticks are Mineral based emolient formulas that come in 168 different shades (A LOT OF SHADES). They are creamy in texture and super pigmented, however because of its creaminess they do tend to smudge easily. The lipsticks last a few hours before it needs a touch up which isn't too bad. Overall for the price, I think you get more than your moneys worth as the lipstick is smooth and rich in color. And with the different shades its easy to find a color match for any skintone.
I bought mine from a beauty store in my area, but you can purchase online from ebay purchase here


Smooch was a cosmetic line, I had wanted to try out for ages, and so I bought their lipstick in the shade merlot. The color is described as a 'Rich Raspberry Color, with just the right amount of shimmer', which is very accurate. I love the packaging it feels as if its made out of rubberish material. The lipstick has good wear and doesn't need to to be touched up however the shimmer in the lipstick overtime can have that gritty feeling which is annoying. But I love this lipstick because of its Rich colour and the blue tones in the lippy make your teeth look whiter lol.
Retail for £7.70 purchase here

5.SLEEK- 'Vamp', 'Liqueur':

Lastly Sleeks lipsticks are lipsticks that I can actually vouch for. They are cheap and cheerful and they have some amazing colors  They come in either Sheens or Mattes. For autumn and all year round really, I have been loving their 'Vamp and Liqueur'.
#Vamp- Is a Matte lipstick in the color of a deep wine color. I've had this lipstick for sometime now and I absolutely LOVE it. The color pay-off is really good however I've found that I have to re-apply every couple of hours and can be very drying on the lips, BUT even still its one of my MOST LOVED!
purchase here retail for £4.99

#Liqueur- I thought I would throw in an autumn nude, as I don't just wear coloured lipsticks everyday. My most worn nude lipstick so far has been this shade from Sleek. its from their SHEEN range, so is a creamy texture and has a glossy look on the lips. I'm really particular about nude lipsticks as some don't really match darker tonesas well, but with this color I've found it goes perfectly. It has a slight tinge of baby pink and a grayish tone to it which I love, so girls if your looking for a nude, heres one I would recommend!

And that's it! for my A/W favorite lipsticks, it was a pretty long one, but I like going into depth with pictures and information for you guys, so that if your thinking of purchasing, you have a good feel of what the products like :D

Hope you guys enjoyed the post
And let me know what your A/W lipsticks are? 



  1. Been loving my Rebel a lot more too..also recently bought Hang Up by MAC..gorgeous deep, dark red :)

    1. Rebel's been my fav for so long now! I want to get some more Mac lippies, so I'll defiantly check this one out! Thank You

  2. Replies
    1. Pluto's actually a dream, LOVE the deep color...will propabaly feature it in a look.. so you guys can see it on!

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