2 October 2012

BEAUTY: Quick Beauty Haul

I had previously run out of my YSL Touche Eclait in no5, which I use as a highlighter under my eyes...and believe me I was pretty surprised in how quickly I went through it, considering I'm one that hardly goes through makeup! But nonetheless I used it up, while I was on holiday (the horror) and I was so miserable because I was convinced my makeup didn't look the same lol...

I searched the whole of Nigeria (exaggeration) but I just couldn't find it, so I had to quench my thirst for it and wait till I got back. Now back, the YSL Touche Eclait was first on my list. And I'm happy its back in my makeup bag....I can now sleep better at night.

YSL Touche Eclait no:5
The Touche Eclait is an essential part of my makeup routine, seeing as I've never had to purchase a product twice, apart from foundations, so its a product that I would recommend...If you would like me too do a full review, let me know!

Next up and lastly I bought Mac's Mineralize Foundation/loose is MediumDark. I just happen to be lurking in Mac looking through their products, getting confused as you do, when I stumbled across this baby. After I highlight I usually set with my Mac Mineral powder in Dark, However recently I've just found that it makes my highlight darker and less visible.  So I'm in the process of trying out different powders I feel will enhance the highlight color, but aswell as look natural and blend well. So I swatched the color, was happy with it and bought it. Using it twice I'm extremely happy with my purchase and I feel like it does the job i want it too do. However I'm not sure about it as an all over foundation as I haven't used it for that purpose seeing as I bought a lighter shade for setting my highlight...... it would just be disastrous if I used it for an allover foundation lool.....again if you would like me too do a full review, let me know!
Mac's Mineralize Foundation/Loose

Let me know what one of your make-up Essentials are?
...seeing as one of mine is the Touche Eclait

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  1. Please do a review on these aswell as your stuff from elf :)

  2. I deffinatley will be doing that, thank you so much for letting me know!



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