12 October 2012

Feeling Home Sick- I miss Nigeria

Pre-Warning that this isn't anything to do with fashion or beauty, its just a little lifestyle post I decided to put up! But I was roaming my lappy and came across some pictures I took back in Nigeria this summer from my cousins birthday, that day probably had to be one of my favorite days of being away on holiday over the summer! We went out to celebrate her birthday the night before at Liquid in VI and then from the pic's below we chilled on a Sunday at Elegushi Beach.... we ate, danced and above all rode horses! That was my first time I had ever ridden a horse...... Their such BIG and SCARY creatures. There were so many times, while being on the horse, I was actually praying for my life looool, my horse seemed to be quite clumsy getting me and itself tangled in a volleyball net but it was such a great experience!
*sigh* I'm thoroughly missing Naija! see picures below

Not me Jenny, but my cousin 'Jenny' so we call her 'Big Jen', you may see me refer to her in some posts lol

For those of you in Lagos, if you can make sure to try out CookieJars' Gourmet cookies they are delicious!! In the pictures above me and my brother ordered the Red Velvet cookies and he doesn't really like sweet things, but he devoured these cookies lol and I demolished them too,
you can order from their website and their based in 1004 so deliver to parts of Lagos.

(All Pictures Taken By Me)


  1. Aww..now ur making me miss hme...Amazing pictures..You all look good :) x

  2. Lovely pictures!! Where in lagos do they have the slides? I wud love to visit :)


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