5 October 2012

OOTN: Leathered Up

So now being back at uni, a friend of ours decided to celebrate her birthday in a cozy little Nigerian restaurant, a few nights ago in town!
It was a lovely, warm get together.... and being able to catch up with everyone was awesome! Above all the 'LAUGHS!'..... one thing I miss while not being at Uni during the summer, are those stomach hurting, rib crunching, tear dripping laughs we have when at uni! I ALWAYS have such good laughs with them, BUT let me not get you guys started on my Laugh  Cackle!!*lowers head in shame* loool

I decided to rock a black on black outfit, considering my wardrobe is starting to change with the new season we've entered here in the UK...I'm habouring a whole lot more black items and leathered pieces, which are very in trend right now!

(see pics below: ENJOY)

Coat- Zara
Boots- Shoe shop in Bluewater
Bag- Alexander Wang

lol Don't worry the earrings are detachable Guys, you can blink now! lol But their pretty believable right?! x

Left: Pandora bracelet, Tomas Sabo bracelet,
 RIGHT: Marc Jacobs watch/ Coral bracelet

FOTN: Face of the Night
Ill be dedicating my next post to this FOTN, and be showing you the products I used to achieve the look...so stay tuned myloveles 
P.S I had tried to quickly straighten my curly hair, I actually laughed at my attempt....what do you guys think straight or curly?

Pics From the night:
Hope you guys enjoyed the post
Thanks For visitng my blog



  1. You look gorge Jennifer, Im loving leather oh so much at the moment!

    XOXO Sade

    1. Thank you Sade!! Leather is just so HOT right now, I always feel myself reaching for it lol! And i Hope you had a really good birthday! I really wanted to see the full dress, it looked gorg from the top!!

      keep those poss comming girl!!

  2. Love it! Wish we had winter in Lagos so I can put my leather pieces to work. I've been eyeing the Rocco is it heavy?


    1. lool Trust me that all its good for, its just getting too Cold here!!! The Rocco is such a Solid pieace, But yeh the studs at the bottom do weight it down a bit...to me its nothing unbearable to the point that I feel its a chore carrying around, so its not that bad, for me though lool!!


  3. Replies
    1. Ayyy Thanks Drey! you killed the outfit in your last post btw!



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