18 October 2012

OOTN- The Season Of Knitwear

A couple of days ago it was one of my good friend's birthdays and we all went out for dinner at TGIs to celebrate his 22nd birthday. TGIs btw is one of my all time favorite restaurants for GOOD food, but I'm always spoilt for choice,... so as you guessed it, I'm that annoying person that holds the table up taking 100 years to choose a meal!
Anyway remember what I told you guys in the OOTN-leathered up post.... that whenever I'm out with the lot, the amount of laughs we have is just ridiculous. I literally went home with a sore stomach from all the cackling and rolling on the floor I did LOL
The evening sure was amazing!!

Below are pictures of my outfit that I wore, I wanted to keep it quite casual but dressy at the same time, so I opted for knitwear, as it is the season of knitwear and dressed it up with a midi skirt, stripped  tailored shirt underneath and some jeweled accessories. The Jumper I bought a couple sizes bigger, because I wanted a slouched over-sized look.

Jumper- Primark, Shirt- Ralph Lauren, Shoes- River Island, Skirt- Primark, Bag- DKNY

Make-Up Of The Night:- I will be featuring this look in the next upcoming posts and show the products I used to achieve the look! lol and yes I did do effects to the pic to make it blurry, so you guys don't see the full look! LOL it wasn't just a fuzzy picture! 

Pictures from the rest of the night

Hope you guys enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed the Night lol
Thank you for visiting my Blog too!



  1. You're so cute. Love the skirt and the necklace. Xx


  2. Love the sweater!


  3. Pretty asual..I see sum familiar faces btw :)
    p.s I nominated you for the versatile blogger award
    check it on my blog here http://msversatiletips.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/the-versatile-blogger-award.html pls :)x

  4. awww just too beautiful meeen... i need to visit primark soon!!!

  5. can i add to the millions of people saying you are BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL!!! it looks like you had a blast :) have a lovely week dear

  6. I have the exact jumper. Love how you styled it. Your hair is absolutely gorg! xx



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