27 October 2012

Style Crush: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is just *speechless*, since her major move into her relationship with style guru and rapper extraordinaire Kanye West (Yeezy, loving the couple), I personally think her style has change drastically and I LOVE it. Kim's style has gone through the roof. Her style currently is very monochrome which you will see from the pictures below and she sports a lot of black, greys, whites and leathers. I think its so chic, edgy and she knows what suits her body. She defiantly shows, that you can look equally as amazing with a curvy figure and don't have to conform to the whole 'skinny size 0' craze in the industry. I didn't really think Kim would ever be seen in half the things she wears now! I'm very impressed to say the least!

If I had access to Kim's wardrobe I'll tell you now, she would only be left with hangers!


What do you think of Kimmy's new found style?

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  1. I've always loved Kim's style, but not so much since her move with Kanye. Although, 80% of the time I don't like her outfits, there are times I do- like the ones you have shown!

    Also, it seems she has a problem with bra-size of late. LOL... I don't know- just saying!

    1. lol @ the bra-size comment!
      I agree! I think she's fashionable confused right now.
      I'm hoping she gets it together! haha

      Hate’er Jewelry
      The Hated Jewel

      XX Brytani Sierra

  2. i think her style lately is crappy, i prefer d old kim....not loving her style at all

  3. Yes, I agree with the 2 commenters above me-her style since she got with Kanye has consisted of several questionable outfits!(That transparent Lanvin skirt-hello?) lol.
    I just think Kanye is not used to styling a curvy shorter woman and enforces too much of himself on her.
    -Just discovered your blog! Following!(Also followed you on Instagram!)
    If you have time here's mine:

  4. Now following, I absolutely love your style =].


  5. I personally love the new style, a bit more edge, not such a "pretty miss perfect kim" stigma attached to her. Yes a few misses but fashion is experimenting and Kanye is doing just that lol, plus It's made her less of a bore. *sigh* how gorgeous is she!! lol...

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  7. Hmmm I have to disagree.
    I liked Kim's style before her 'transformation'.
    She has worn SOME cute outfits but the majority of her choices
    don't flatter her body at all.

    Personally I think she's fashionably confused lol

    Hate’er Jewelry
    The Hated Jewel

    XX Brytani Sierra


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