11 October 2012

Style: Mama Bear

This jacket below makes me feel like a big ol'grisly bear (that's why the titles' called Mama Bear)lol. I had a love-hate relationship with this jacket as I always felt it made me look so big,.. but after having it in my wardrobe for almost 2years+ and only worn it once, I've got a new found love for it as it just gives such a glamorous diva look and it will come into great use this winter. So what better time to whip it out, as the weathers cooling down and the winds getting harsher! Also in the post below'Brave the Cold' I mentioned hats were one of my fall/winter essentials, so bellow you can see that I'm wearing a big wide brimmed hat for all you hat lovers out there!!

Caught Getting my groove on! *covers face* lol

Oops and Again lool I just love dancing

Pulling Funny faces is one of my things lool *covers face* aswell as randomly dancing lol

Fur Coat- Motel
Jumper- H & M
Skirt- Topshop
Heels- Office
And the lipstick that I have on is MAC's- Rebel

Hope you guys enjoyed the post?
And let me know what your Love-Hate, turned Love items are?!

Thanks For checking out my Blog


  1. I love that jacket! You should definitely wear it more often. Looks sexayy with the pencil skirt :)

    1. lool Thank you so much! I defiantly will be wearing it a whole lot more, now that I've found a new love for it!

  2. the jacket is gorgeous!!..and the shoes are totally stunning
    great outfit..x

  3. You better work it!!! You look amazing! and have a beautiful smile!!!


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