25 October 2012

TBT- Throw Back Thursday 'Trip to Westfield'

For all you guys on Instagram, every week on Thursday people join in on TBT- Throw Back Thursday, whereby you put up a picture from the past.... it can be from childhood (years back) or it can be from a couple months back. But I'm not sure about putting up something from the day before, however technically it is in the past and a ThrowBack so that's not to say you can't lol, I'm not the rule maker or anything, asin' I don't want trouble loool.
  So I'm throwing it back to the Summer just gone, where some friends and I decided to go and check out the Westfield in Stratford considering I had never been to that Westfield yet, so was my first time heading there. I Had only been to the white-city branch because its I think closer to me but I'm not sure to be honest (could just be my excuse).

Sunglasses-Zara/ Necklace-Topshop/ Top-Zara/ Jeans-Topshop/ Shoes-Zara/ Bag- Tory Burtch

I love pictures because they bring back memories, we were given these milkshakes for free as they were about to close and we happened to walk by just in time! Lovly guy

All things sparkly

The Lipstick I'm wearing is Sleeks Vamp which I reviewed in my Top8 Fav A/W lippies post
Hope you guys enjoyed the post
And Thank you for checking out my Blog

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  1. I need to visit west field one of these days... nice outfit

  2. Trust..westfield is d one ..hehe..you look pretty as usual hun :) x

  3. love this outfit! cant believe im just seeing it! you look lovely btw!


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