23 November 2012

STYLE: Angelic

While I'm writing this post, I'm doing some serious *head nodding* and *wiggles on my bed* to Ryan Leslie's song 'Wanna be good to you,' definitely give it a listen while you read this post too!
Soooo back to the original topic of this post!... I was inspired by neutral nudes, and wanted to style around my embellished piece (my blouse) which was covered in intricate beading. For some reason I'm drawn to anything with beading and sequins or rather any type of embellishment. 
Fish Face!

20 November 2012

A Piece for your wardrobe: Virgos Lounge

I love everything to do with Virgos Lounge! and in my opinion, I really think that every girl should own one of their unique pieces lol. I've been meaning to get my hands on some of their items for a while now and below in my Zara haul post I mentioned that I had another delivery come in that day.... and YES it was for my Virgos Lounge items. I bought 3 things and this skirt below was among them.

15 November 2012

Delivery Day- Mini Zara Haul

Hey Guys! For those of you who may follow me on twitter @Jen_Stanners you would have seen me tweet about some deliveries I had come in today, one of which was my Zara delivery which I must say was very quick, considering I ordered my items on a Tuesday.
Lately I've been quite Zara obsessed and as I had mentioned in earlier posts that my winter wardrobe literally only consists of blacks, grey's and leathers which I love as I find black is chic and so smart not to mention it goes with virtually everything.
I had, had my eyes on the items I purchased for literally sometime now, however I'm more cautious when I buy now, so I literally was thinking of different ways I could wear them weather it be smart/casual, and not to mention that they were always going out of stock as soon as they were put online!

I bought 2 items......

7 November 2012

OOTN- Its Bobble Time

Its been a while (2weeks'ish) and O how I've missed blogging! Firstly I would like to apologize for this absence, but the work load being given at uni is now pretty intense with deadlines and everything, that's why I've been away to focus.....But anyway enough about that as I'm back!....So this weekend just gone, it was another one of my friend's birthday! 
Literally I think every week its a friend's birthday this month, the month of brokeness has finally dawned upon me *cries*
She had a little get together at her place which was a lot of fun!

My outfit pictures were taken on a phone, as I didn't take my camera out, but we tried! so apologies for the blurr in advance it was cold!

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