24 December 2012

My Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Considering Christmas is tomorrow, I thought it only right that I do a 'Christmas wishlist' of a few beauty items I would like to get or receive (wink wink) for myself lol.
   Now I've never done a wishlist before...I don't know why... but I personally like reading other people's as it gives me an insight into what new products are out there or something new to try out.
   So lets get straight into it....

20 December 2012

Product review: BEN NYE Banana Powder

I've had a lot of questions asked about this product, and so thought this should probably be the next review I get done for you guys!
 So without furtheradue here we have the fabulous BEN NYE banana powder!!
I originally found out about the BEN NYE banana powder, as I'm big fan of Kim Kardashian's makeup looks, so then discovered that her make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic uses the banana powder to set her under eye concealer and anywhere else for her exaggerated highlight look, which always gives Kim that stunning bright eyed effect.
BEN NYE products were and still are mainly used for theatrical/stage makeup because of the long stay and very pigmented color payoff, however MUA's and even us fellow beauty junkies have embraced the product with full force, because lets be honest it's an outstanding powder!

17 December 2012


I know I seem to be bombarding you guys with beauty posts, but I know a lot of my readers enjoy them. So here's yet another beauty post, a quick one, just to share with you guys some of the new products I've repurchased and bought newly over the past couple of days... as you could be stuck on new products to get your hands on.
    I will be reviewing each one in up and coming posts so look out for that too!

16 December 2012

BEAUTY- Real Technique CORE review

A few days ago I decided to take the plunge and buy the CORE set of the Real Technique makeup brushes, which have been around for some time, however recently have taken the beauty sphere by storm, and I can see why!
I'm always on the search for the perfect quality brushes on a budget, because I'd rather spend on the actual beauty product BUT its crucial to have the perfect brushes to do the job otherwise that beauty product, to be honest will be put to waste.

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