17 December 2012


I know I seem to be bombarding you guys with beauty posts, but I know a lot of my readers enjoy them. So here's yet another beauty post, a quick one, just to share with you guys some of the new products I've repurchased and bought newly over the past couple of days... as you could be stuck on new products to get your hands on.
    I will be reviewing each one in up and coming posts so look out for that too!

1. Ben NYE Banana Powder
2. MAC Mineralize skin finish
3.Mac FIX+
4. MAC Strobe Cream 

BEN NYE Banana Powder: Quite recently this product has been raved about in the beauty blogger and vlogger world! I've heard such good things about it and have to say, I tried it out for the first time yesterday and it has to be the best highlighter setting powder I have ever come across. I WILL be reviewing this product next, so I'm trying not to give away too much info...

MAC Mineralize Skin finish 'DARK': This product was a repurchase, and for me is a makeup essential for every girl. PRICE: £21.00 (purchase here)

MAC Strobe cream and Mac spray Fix+: I've always wanted to get my hands on the MAC Spray Fix+ and finally took the plunge. I did want the smaller sized bottle, but they didnt have it, so I was reduced to buying this big bottle....however it will last a long time (I hope) so its not that bad. I  previously was using the Elf mist and set which I've been using for literally a year now, and has worked it's magic.....but I wanted to try a more higher end brand just to see if there really is a difference between the two. PRICE: £13.50 (purchase here)
   The MAC strobe cream on the other hand is a product I recently found out about and am excited to try out. I have not used it yet and will be reviewing it, as I know it is not a common product, that everyone knows about or has. PRICE: £22.50 (purchase)

And that's it for my beauty haul!
Hope this post was helpful to you guys, on what new popular products are out there! and what you might find interesting and dash out to get!

Let me now of any new beauty products you've come across lately? I would love some recommendations...



  1. LOVE the skinfinsh! I usually apply it after my concealer. Cant wait to read the review of the other products.


  2. Love the Mac spray fix & the mineralize skin finish, both great products!!!!

  3. Please do a review on the cream!
    I wanted to purchase the MAC cream, but ehhh I'm not sure!
    OH and the spray...does that really work?


  4. can you do a video on your face routine please! *request!*


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