16 December 2012

BEAUTY- Real Technique CORE review

A few days ago I decided to take the plunge and buy the CORE set of the Real Technique makeup brushes, which have been around for some time, however recently have taken the beauty sphere by storm, and I can see why!
I'm always on the search for the perfect quality brushes on a budget, because I'd rather spend on the actual beauty product BUT its crucial to have the perfect brushes to do the job otherwise that beauty product, to be honest will be put to waste.

The CORE collection set comes with FOUR totally different but versatile brushes. It comes with 1) Buffing Brush 2)Detailer brush 3)Pointed foundation brush 4)Contour brush
The four brushes then came enclosed in a 2 in 1 case and stand which I thought was very handy, for when travelling or on the go. Instead of mixing your brushes in your little makeup bag which most of the time the brushes don't fit and you run the common risk of getting you makeup bag dirty with the makeup residue left on the brushes, you can just carry them separately and neatly.

 1)Buffing Brush (Good for full coverage liquid,mineral foundation and powder): This by far has to be the softest brush I own. I use this brush for buffing in my liquid foundation, because of its density it picks up a good amount of foundation and the foundation doesnt stay in the brush meaning there's less makeup going to waste.
      I was using the Sigma stippling brush to apply my foundation before, which hands down is a great brush too, however the only problem with that brush, is it stores too much of the makeup in it, meaning you get more makeup wastage.
   This brush is a total dream and does it's job, giving a flawless airbrushed look leaving my foundation looking like skin, and not the cakey 'I have so much foundation on' look.

2)Detailer Brush: I found that this detailer brush is a versatile brush. At the moment I'm currently using this brush to apply my concealer and highlighter under my eyebrow because of its small precise tip. However I think it will come in handy for application of my eye-shadows.  Its a nice little flat tip brush that gets right in there and great for detailed precision. I'm yet to maximize its use....But when I do, you guys will be the first to know.

3)Pointed Foundation Brush: This brush as they've said and as it clearly states is said to be used for foundation, But the rebel I am, have been using it for my under eye concealer and anywhere on my face that needs concealing because of its nice big flat tip. I'm not a big fan of using flat brushes for foundation as I'm always scared of the strokey appearances (a girls worse nightmare), so that was a right-off use for me.
But this brush is my best concealer brush yet, its big tip gives me more control and precision!

4)Contour Brush: I use this contour brush with my Sleek contour palette  and it works wonders. I apply it to the hollows of my cheeks for a very defined look. The size and shape allow the brush to sit perfectly under the cheeks.

My Thoughts: Overall I have to say these brushes are A M A Z I N G and for the price are a complete steal. The texture of the brushes being made from synthetic Taklon bristles give them the softest feel ever and not the scratchy feeling of some brushes. I officially have been won over by the real technique brushes and will be purchasing brushes from their other collections. A good thing about them is that they are readily available at Boots and online(amazon, beauty chamber) so very easy to get your hands on.

Price: £20.99
Purchase: Beauty Chambers

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative, if you own any Real Technique brushes let me know what you think of them? and what brushes you recommend? 
I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions


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  1. I 've been comtemplating on getting this brushes, read your post a month ago and i did! just waiting on it to be delivered to me, right now im trying to see if i should get their stippling and powder brush or just stick to this for now. any suggestions?


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