24 December 2012

My Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Considering Christmas is tomorrow, I thought it only right that I do a 'Christmas wishlist' of a few beauty items I would like to get or receive (wink wink) for myself lol.
   Now I've never done a wishlist before...I don't know why... but I personally like reading other people's as it gives me an insight into what new products are out there or something new to try out.
   So lets get straight into it....

1. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour Foundation

I've heard allot of good things about this foundation and read many positive reviews on it. I use Chanel perfection lumiere foundation at the moment and totally love it with no negative comments about it, however... I am one for trying new beauty products and always feel that there are always better products out there. So this is defiantly at the top of my wishlist.

2.Tom Ford's Black Orchid women's fragrance:
I've had my eye on the Tom Ford fragrances for some time now. Black Orchid is next on my list. I'm a big perfume girl, and to some this may be sickening .... but I'm the girl that walks past and leaves a trail of perfume lingering after her. I just cant get enough (Don't judge me loool).
    Black Orchid gives me that sort of 30-40s feel with the Hollywood vanity tables and the sultry red-lipped glamorous women type of feel, which I totally adore... So cant wait to get this bad boy.

3. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish: Whisper of Gilt
Whisper of Gilt comes from Mac's extra dimension skinfinish collection  Having come across this product on youtube, I fell in love with it. I marched down to Mac to make a cheeky little purchase only to find that they were sold out (apparently its a product that never stays on the shelves and sells like hotcakes). The Extra Dimension is a beautiful collection with 2 other shades Glorify and Supurb. So maybe while out here on holiday, I'll be able to get my hands on it.
SOURCE:www.mybeautyblackbook.comBottom left: Whisper of Gilt, Top Middle: Glorify, Bottom Right: Superb
My favorite is whisper of Gilt from the trio as it looks like it'll make an amazing highlight.

4. Mac 130 Short Duo Fiber Brush
SOURCE: www.siciliannabeauty.com
I came across this brush at the Mac store and thought it would make such a good brush for applying blushers and bronzers to the apples of the cheek because of its shape and size. I've heard mixed reviews on the brush,....people saying they feel its over priced for what you get.....but I'm very curious as to what this brush has too offer. As it seems very versatile and can be used for cream blushes too, which I think would work really well with it.

5. MUJI Acrylic boxes:
I have quite a lot of make-up, and my makeup collection is fast growing...so storing my makeup in my big black make-up bag isn't really working out for me any more. These Muji acrylic storage drawers, have been raved about a lot in the beauty blogger and vlogger world, as they have become a popular way of storing makeup. 

And that is it for this wishlist...Short and sweet
Hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

What are your thoughts of my wishlist items? and let me know your opinion on them if you already have them



  1. Black Orchid is also on my list. I'm mad I didn't pick it up in Duty Free

  2. Nice wishlist,I love lancome teint idole ultra its my favourite foundation&tom fords fragrances are just divine

    Love ur blog babes its wonderful,am following x

  3. Great List. I def want to try the Tom Ford


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