20 December 2012

Product review: BEN NYE Banana Powder

I've had a lot of questions asked about this product, and so thought this should probably be the next review I get done for you guys!
 So without furtheradue here we have the fabulous BEN NYE banana powder!!
I originally found out about the BEN NYE banana powder, as I'm big fan of Kim Kardashian's makeup looks, so then discovered that her make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic uses the banana powder to set her under eye concealer and anywhere else for her exaggerated highlight look, which always gives Kim that stunning bright eyed effect.
BEN NYE products were and still are mainly used for theatrical/stage makeup because of the long stay and very pigmented color payoff, however MUA's and even us fellow beauty junkies have embraced the product with full force, because lets be honest it's an outstanding powder!

Okay so lets get down to business:

Ben Nye Banana powder is used to set foundation/concealer and I think has the best oil control I've come across yet. You maybe thinking, 'but why do we have to set our foundation or concealers with a powder'....reason being if this isn't done your makeup base wont last throughout the day, and if you have oily skin like I do, the powder will help mattify your face.
   The Banana powder YES is a setting powder, however for us women of color it will only make sense it being used as an under eye highlight setting powder and not an all over face setting powder because of its light color. It is said to be totally transparent when totally buffed in, BUT girls I would not take any chances because of its yellow tone and would recommend sticking to Mac's Mineralize Skin finish Natural  in Dark or Deep Dark to set your all over foundation or Mac's translucent powder.

The Banana powder comes from the Luxary Visage Line, of which they have other shades available such as, Chestnut, Topaz, Beige etc! I would recommend having a look at the other shades and seeing which ones you would be comfortable with and which would suit your skin tone. I purposely bought this powder as a highlight powder, to set my under eye concealer which is much lighter than my skin tone for the Kim Kardashian bright/awake eyed look. However once I've applied the Ben Nye powder, I go back over it with my Mac Minerialize skin finish in Dark just so that everything blends well and to make sure there are no harsh lines between my highlight and contour which WILL happen if you use this powder for that purpose.

The best way I've found to apply this powder is by using a make up sponge which I've put next to the powder in the pictures above. However powder puffs I've heard work just as well.
1. I pour a little bit of the powder into the lid, so I don't waste it.
2. I than dab the sponge in the lid to collect the powder
3. I then apply the sponge in dabbing motions all under each eye up to my temples, along the bridge of my nose, on my chin, and middle of my forehead
4. I then wait a while for it to set, so in that time I usually go in with my contour. After about a minute I blend out with a fluffy make-up brush and then go over with my Mac's Minerialize Skin finish in dark and blend blend blennnnnnnnnd to remove the harsh lines..... and VOILA c'est fini!

I think this powder is the perfect highlight powder, anybody that knows me, knows I've been on a hunt for that perfect bright under eye look, which I can now achieve with this powder. As the product is finely milled it feels like silk and softly applies to the skin like a dream. Its yellow tone also really does hide those dark circles which your foundation or concealer wasn't able to. I wore it out 2 nights ago and wanted to test it durability on a full night out, whereby I knew it would encounter Sweat and shine. BUT LET ME TELL YOU THIS..... I never touched up my under eye, and it stayed matte, and this is probably why BEN Nye products are great for the stage.

   I would say the only downfall about this product, is that its not easily accessible HOWEVER I bought mine off the online make-up store gurumakeupemporium 
here's the exact link  http://www.gurumakeupemporium.com/epages/BT4080.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BT4080/Products/308%5B10%5D/SubProducts/308%5B10%5D-0001

Retail for : £7.50 
Literally this powder came 2days after my purchase online. The deliveries fast because they are situated in London, so if your not even comfortable with online shopping you can go instore and make your purchases
 All their info is on their site.
(I know you guys love me for this, since I've had loads of people saying they haven't been able to get it, and loads of the sites are sold out)

I hope you found this review very informative, sorry about it being so long.....I just wanted to answer all the questions I had been asked about.
If you have the Ben Nye Banana Powder, let me know your opinions about it?



  1. Ahhh!! Thanks for reviewing this. And it's just £7.50. Don't know why I tagged it as an expensive product. Can't wait to get my hands on this now that've read yet another raving review! Xx

  2. Every review i read says the same thing.. Cant wait to get my hands on these...Great review lover.. cant wait to see you F.O.T.D with this ;D

  3. i wanna get this but i dont know what shade to get :( its a struggle

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Gosh! I got 3oz forr 15.99 from amazon yesterday!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I hope that the bottle is big if not I'll get angry! very angry lol
    but I can see urs is 1.5 so...


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