27 July 2013

Most Used Make-up Products

I thought it would be helpful to write a post, and give you readers an insight into my most used makeup products this month. Once I like a product I tend to stick with it, apart from foundations because I feel there is always a better foundation being released. And its just a girls curiosity really, that constant search for the perfect foundation. Below I have picked out 6 products which I will give my personal views on.....so lets get into it.

10 July 2013

Marbella: Safari Silk

One of the nights out, we went to a lovely cultured Italian restaurant in Puerto Banus, to have dinner over looking the marina. Below is what I wore..... I don't know why, but I thought the outfit had a very safari feel to it, nonetheless it was comfortable so I felt as free as a bird.

9 July 2013

Puerto Banus, Marbella

In the previous post, I did promise more pictures from Marbella, located in the South of Spain. It's a city which is situated on the Mediterranean sea. The girls and I stayed in Puerto Banus, the marina which is just southwest of Marbella.

Would I go back again?: Yes I would defiantly go back to Marbella. It being my first time there, it had a very Beverly Hills feel to it, especially down by the marina port. Touching down at the airport which was in Malaga, it was hot but not unbearably hot. Now because there isn't an airport located in Marbella or rather Puerto Banus. There are transfers available to receive you at Malaga and take you down to the marina. It takes about 45mins which went quickly, as I spent it sleeping, completely shattered as I hadn't any sleep from the night before (girl problems...packing my life away).

4 July 2013

Thursday's Style Crush: Miley Cyrus

I never thought I'd be giving Miley Cyrus so much credit for her style! But the girl, has defiantly got it going on. As well as being engaged to such a hottie, her career has taken a new high with her personal style too. I would describe her style as urban, punk and very edgy.

3 July 2013

T R E N D: Perspex clutch

When I set my eyes on the Perspex Clutches I fell in love! Chanel brought out their version of the clutch ' Lego Clutch' and I was almost salivating over it! The transparent feature and the small size of it makes it cute and perfect for that evening occasion. Mind you, it doesn't carry much, so be prepared to carry with you literally your phone and COIN purse, maybe if your lucky powder or lippy.
   Now high-street stores have taken the style and have run off with it! They were firstly available in Zara, but were sold out within days, I know because I kept trying to get my hands on it until I got lucky! But recently checking out the Zara store it looks like they don't have them up anymore. But rest assure I was able to find a couple ebay sellers listed here and here

Below are pictures of the gorgeous clutches, feast your eyes

22 June 2013

Style: L A Y E R S

I wore this outfit to a fashion show a while back, but never took pictures for the blog. So here's the outfit....I was inspired by the layers in the skirt, and decided why not layer again with my two step top. What I love about the skirt I'm wearing which is from Zara, is the detail of the lace and how playful and loose it is, making it uber comfortable. It was a combo I didn't think would work but when I threw it on I was happy with it. More pictures follow.

19 June 2013

Style: W H I T E O F F

Following on from my all white obsession, I thought it only right that I show you one of my white outfits I wore a while ago, to the Afro hair and beauty hair show! I added a pop of print with a leopard print cami underneath my shirt and sealed the deal with my black heeled sandals, which are one of my all time favs from Zara. Here are the rest of the pics 

16 June 2013

S T Y L E P U L L: White Out

T R E N D: White Out

I'm in love with the 'White Out' look. I think its clean, chic and classy. Currently I've purchased quite a few white pieces, but I keep reminding myself not to go too crazy as when London returns back to its colder state and winter returns, I wont feel comfortable wearing it in fear of the rain and bad weather.
   I totally think white looks are so holiday and summer appropriate, complimenting each other looking absolutely F R E S H. 

Celebrities have also gone white crazy too, take a look at the pics below... who do you think rocked it best?
Solange Knowles

Have You Missed Me

Hey lovely readers
Just a quick post explaining my absence! I wanted to get right stuck into my upcoming post, but thought it would be silly not to explain why I was away for so long. Reason being I had a couple of summer exams, for you that don't know I'm a Pharmacy student so like other courses it was another intense year! But I'm glad that I wrapped it up nicely and am able to finally enjoy my Summer Holiday *shimmys across the room* 'Can I get a HEYYY' lol

'So smile and laugh with me, and lets get summer rolling!'.... P.S I just joined the gym guys, been going but I'll keep you guys updated

10 March 2013

STYLE: 10 Sneakers/Trainers I FANCY

What I love about trainers and sneakers right now, are that they are ever evolving and designers are going harder to push the boundaries with colors, designs, shapes and textures.
  My last post was just simply to give inspiration on how you could style trainers, whereas this post is to give you an idea on some awesome designs out there and some which are tickling my fancy right now. I'm going to give you guys 10 different sneakers I love. Hopefully this will give you guys some insight into whats out there. And if you were possibly someone who thought all trainers were boyish and androgynous hopefully this will introduce a new insight on your perception of sneakers.

    So lets get to it....

9 March 2013

STYLE: For YOU Sneaker/Trainer Lovers

Trainers/Sneakers! An item of foot wear that many girls agree and disagree on. Some would never go near and others would hoard in their shoe collection. I'm a type of girl that could actually live in trainers if they were practical and glamorous for every single occasion, but that being said some girls have made it work and below I will post pictures of my favorite ways girls, have styled their sneakers to fit their occasion.
    From wedged sneakers, to Hi-Tops, too canvas sneakers, even running trainers (believe it or not lol) I love them all! and would never snob them. I sometimes feel some females do this only for the mere fact that they may still associate trainers as a tomboyish item of clothing and would never incorporated it into their outfit, which of course is perfectly fine. Or either their personal style is rigid not allowing them to experiment and play around with their footwear (all in all not their ideal style choice). 
      For me its all about YOUR personal style and weather your willing to experiment with it. I say this, because I've seen girls who have a versatile, edgy and experimental style obviously pulling sneakers off with very little effort (Rihanna, Angela Simmons) HOWEVER, I've also seen women with a more classic, chic, modern look, tieing together an outfit with an added touch of sneakers for example (Olivia Palermo)

      At the moment I own 4 pairs of trainers which I usually wear to do my run-arounds, and without fail absolutely live in when I'm travelling! For me when flying, comfortability always comes first and then obviously we try to add the stylish touches to the outfit from feet upwards. Picky I am, when it comes to purchasing my type of trainers. For one I love bling and anything that's shiny or textured so immediately I'm drawn to sneakers such as Mui Mui and Lanvin etc, However Ill be doing a separate post on that to come so keep posted lol!

14 February 2013

What I WORE: Black Out

Last night our university ACS held an event night 'Take Me Out', which was definitely a laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Considering I never go out in Uni, this was actually my first time stepping out, and wasn't half bad! So that being said "well done to the ACS for putting on a good show".
   It was a very casual affair and seeing as my color of the season is BLACK, I reached for my pieces of black clothing.
   Teaming my leather jacket, with my cardigan from Zara to add layer and dimension. My black leather leggings which I live in and my wedged boots.

What I WORE:

Jacket- Bershka
Cardigan- Zara
t-shirt- Zara
Bag- Celine
Boots- Shoe shop in Bluewater

Just a brief post for you guys

What I WORE: The Lounge

Hey guys, I was so busy with school work this past week, that I'm only getting round to putting up this post! But last weekend my cousin celebrated her birthday at 'The Lounge' which for any of you that don't know, its basically a luxury cinema experience from Odeon. They offer you lovely food and drinks while you watch your film. The cinema itself has no more than 50 seats so is really intimate and is so chilled and comfortable with you being able to recline your seat at the touch of a button. I hadn't been before and didn't know what to expect, but it was a lovely experience and I'm so glad she broke the generic birthday celebration people do with 'dinners'. We watched flight with Denzel Washington, which I loved because I'm a hard core Denzel fan having watched basically all his films.
   It was lovley being able to catch up with my cousins'and Melissa: which if you haven't checked out her blog already, make sure to (link here)

What I WORE:

12 February 2013

G R A M M Y S: Best Dressed

The Grammy's is the ultimate night, where nearly every celeb comes out in style to rock that RED CARPET ....However ofcorse you must have the few that just don't get it right. This year there was a strict dress code, for celebs to cover up! lool which I found quite funny!
Below are some of my favorite looks from the night! WARNING (picture heavy)


Beyonce for me nailed it in Osman Yousefzada! A monochrome look which is very intrend right now, was just so clean, sharp and very straight to the point much like her! I loved everything down to her hair ....just awesome!

9 February 2013

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder- REVIEW

So I picked up the Guerlain bronzing powder a while ago, as I was on the hunt for a product that I could contour with as well as use to give me a seamless bronzed glow look. I had heard about the Guerlain Terracotta powders but didn't really think it was worth the purchase, as their quite on the expensive side. However the beauty junkie that I am, I decided to treat myself and splurge on the product having read and watched a couple reviews on it.

6 February 2013

MAC Cosmetics Opens First Store In Lagos Nigeria

I thought this was a really important update, beauty wise for all those MAC makeup girls and women in Africa especially Nigeria. 
   On Saturday 2nd of February, MAC who is owned by Estee Lauder, opened their first store in WEST AFRICA. Yes out of all the countries in West Africa, Mac decided to open their store in Lagos Nigeria. They also plan to open stores in Botswana and Zambia before the ending of the year.
   I'm so pleased and excited with this step from Mac. Even though I don't currently live in Nigeria, whenever I'm there for the long duration of my summer, I tend to loose a couple products or just simply want to buy some products from a large range of selection. Which is now possible with this opening of the store.
    The store is located in Ikeja City Mall, while the second store will be opened in the Palms Mall later on this year. You'll also be happy to know that Mac have really big plans to open as many as 5 store in Nigeria over the next three years.

  Abuja the capital of Nigeria will also be next followed by Nairobi, both within the first three years Mac is in Nigeria, noted Karen Buglisi, Global Brand President For Mac Cosmetics. 
    According to their release, Part of their strategy also includes hiring a resident trainer and senior make-up artist in each location which guarantees impeccable service and five star ratings amongst customers.

“We want customers to be able to go to any market in the world and have a seamless service experience, and we will provide top-notch education to make this happen. We want to go in to Africa boldly and say, ‘We’re here.’,” Buglisi added. (PRESS RELEASE)
     Since Mac cater for a large range of darker skin tones I really do think their stores in Africa will flourish. The product that I can already see being their best seller is the Studio Fix Foundation as the formula is good for hot countries, as well as it being available in 50 different shades. I think Mac opening their store in Nigeria was a very smart move for them, even though it may effect some beauty sellers who currently stock Mac products as they now have competition with the actual store and their pricing. But it will also eradicate the unknown purchasing of fake Mac products from these sellers and the customer will only be happier in the end.

Good Move!

If any of you have visited the store, let me know your thoughts on it?


5 February 2013

L I P S T I C K S: Drugstore Favorites

Jenny here again!.... Today I'm sharing my current favorite drugstore lipsticks (I know drugstore is an American term but there are no other words for Super Drug and Boots sooo Drugstore it is lol). I have with me F O U R lipsticks, which I readily reach for, and wanted to share them with you guys.
   I absolutely love high end lipsticks like Mac, YSL, Chanel (guilty pleasures) etc... However we all have to agree that a majority of the time they are over priced and sometimes just not worth the purchase. So I'm sharing with you guys my UTMOST favorite lipsticks I currently use at the moment from drugstores ( eg Boots or Superdrug) and would highly recommend them, if looking for pretty natural nudey pinks. I generally find that the drugstore brands don't usually do nudes for all skin tones (some just make darker ladies lips look white and dry but on a fairer person would look totally fine) so  the four that I have to show you, in my opinion can be worn by all skin types.

27 January 2013

Beauty Haul

My First Beauty Haul of 2013 and I'm very excited to show you guys the Makeup products I've purchased this year! Allot of these products are first time buys, apart from the Mac eyebrow pencil  in spiked. I've heard so much about the products I bought below and really wanted to try them out on myself..... So this also means I'm going to give them some wear over the next couple of weeks and be back with my review and honest opinion on each of them.

26 January 2013

Starting With A Happy New Year 2013!

Hey lovely readers, I know I've been away for a while...well since 2012, and this is my first post in 2013.... but its better late then never...right?!
   As like many of you guys, I've been getting back into my routine and finally shaken the festive holiday season off, since being back from Holiday!..And OO how I've missed blogging for you guys.

 I want to start off by wishing everyone a big HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
And thank each and every one of my readers for keeping up with my blog and just being loyal readers, I'm ever so grateful and this year will only be another grate year for all of us.

For you guys that keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram you would have know that I was in Dubai for Christmas, New Years and even spent my Birthday there, and it was an amazing holiday. I took so many pictures and thought I'd choose a day where I had the most fun to share with you guys (apart from my birthday, which will come in upcoming posts).
   This particular day I went Jet skiing with my close friend and brother and it was SO much fun, if you ever get the chance to Jet Ski please do it, you won't be disappointed.......

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