26 January 2013

Starting With A Happy New Year 2013!

Hey lovely readers, I know I've been away for a while...well since 2012, and this is my first post in 2013.... but its better late then never...right?!
   As like many of you guys, I've been getting back into my routine and finally shaken the festive holiday season off, since being back from Holiday!..And OO how I've missed blogging for you guys.

 I want to start off by wishing everyone a big HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
And thank each and every one of my readers for keeping up with my blog and just being loyal readers, I'm ever so grateful and this year will only be another grate year for all of us.

For you guys that keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram you would have know that I was in Dubai for Christmas, New Years and even spent my Birthday there, and it was an amazing holiday. I took so many pictures and thought I'd choose a day where I had the most fun to share with you guys (apart from my birthday, which will come in upcoming posts).
   This particular day I went Jet skiing with my close friend and brother and it was SO much fun, if you ever get the chance to Jet Ski please do it, you won't be disappointed.......



  1. Awesome...looks like you had fun dude, you may have to recommend great locations to visit there :)!

    If you haven't already check out my first cover on Youtube for Beyoncé "Miss you" on my blog.

    peace and love

  2. Oh Wow! Was in Dubai for New Years as well.LOVE that city, the shopping, the architecture, everything, loved it!
    Happy New Year to you too lovely!xx


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