9 February 2013

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder- REVIEW

So I picked up the Guerlain bronzing powder a while ago, as I was on the hunt for a product that I could contour with as well as use to give me a seamless bronzed glow look. I had heard about the Guerlain Terracotta powders but didn't really think it was worth the purchase, as their quite on the expensive side. However the beauty junkie that I am, I decided to treat myself and splurge on the product having read and watched a couple reviews on it.

   I don't own any other products from Guerlain, but I have to say that they really out did themselves with this product. The Terracotta range from Guerlain have a unique texture in product which gives it the ability to achieve a seamless, no streak luminous glow. It has moisturizing contents in it which give it a long lasting stay of radiance.
     There are 8 shades of the bronzing powder, however I purchased #08EBONY which is perfect for women of color. I believe that as well as bronzers being able to give you that radiant sun kissed glow, they should be able to help sculpt and define your face and this product does such a good job at this. Its dark enough to contour with, but also warm enough to use as a bronzer.

Packaging: Let me first of all start with the packaging, which I think is so sleek and gorgeous  Its very compact and feels very sturdy when opening and closing, which I think is good because your worst nightmare would be, to drop the powder and for it to shatter and break. I also love the cute touches with the imprinted 'Guerlain' and 'Terracotta' on it
Scent: Now if your not a fan of scented products then you may want to stay away from this. However the smell is a lovley dainty perfumed scent. But when rubbed in doesn't linger or bother me.
Pigmentation: This is where I feel you get your money back, because this product is unbelievably pigmented. Literally a little goes a long way with this bronzer, so I'm please at that aspect. I haven't experienced fall out with the product, when swirling my brush in the powder... which is always a bonus.
Shade; I bought mine as I said in a shade #08EBONY which is the darkest shade. Its a Dark Copper color great for contouring as well as adding that warm bronze glow to your cheeks, its also a semi-matte finish. Its shade is similar to that of Cover Girl Queen Bronzer in Ebony... so this shade is perfect for women of color.

Currently I use my sleek Contour palette. But this could be me?,... but I feel like it can be flat at times and just not bring any warmth to the face as a contour product. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it but I don't feel its a very natural contour color because there's no depth or warmth to the color its just a matte brown used to create cheekbone lol.

Opinion: I completely LOVE this product and completely agree with what it says it does. If you want a natural looking sun kissed look I would defiantly recommend it.

Price: Range from £30- 34 online
Depending on where you get it from HouseOfFraser- £34

  If you have any Guerlain Products, what products would you recommend?


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