5 February 2013

L I P S T I C K S: Drugstore Favorites

Jenny here again!.... Today I'm sharing my current favorite drugstore lipsticks (I know drugstore is an American term but there are no other words for Super Drug and Boots sooo Drugstore it is lol). I have with me F O U R lipsticks, which I readily reach for, and wanted to share them with you guys.
   I absolutely love high end lipsticks like Mac, YSL, Chanel (guilty pleasures) etc... However we all have to agree that a majority of the time they are over priced and sometimes just not worth the purchase. So I'm sharing with you guys my UTMOST favorite lipsticks I currently use at the moment from drugstores ( eg Boots or Superdrug) and would highly recommend them, if looking for pretty natural nudey pinks. I generally find that the drugstore brands don't usually do nudes for all skin tones (some just make darker ladies lips look white and dry but on a fairer person would look totally fine) so  the four that I have to show you, in my opinion can be worn by all skin types.
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate- 03:

What I find so cute with Kate Moss's collaboration with Rimmel, is her signature on the lid which gives it a cute touch. The packaging is sleek, and you get the type of color on the bottom of the lipstick with the shade number. However giving the lipstick a shade name would have been more interesting.
    The texture is a soft finish on the lips, giving a creamy satin appearance...and therefore lenient on those Chapped lip!!! The shade is a nude pink and I think is the perfect nude, because it not so pink pink and neither too nude nude lol (love my description). You can get good color pay off with one swipe but I usually double up. It Has a vanilla smell to it, which doesn't irritate me, as its not too strong like with the Mac lipsticks.
Price: £5.49 Boot
Opionion: Really like this lipstick, perfect formula for the perfect nude... would highly recommend this one.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick- 007 ASIA
Now I picked this lipstick up as its a Dupe to MAC's 'Cherish' Lipstick. The Packaging is super sleek and a dark purple, with the neat Rimmel emblem imprinted on the top of the lid. Again another Satin finish so it glides on like a dream....another not too creamy formula but just right.
    The Lipstick is a pinky/lilac color but has a slight brown tone too it, which I think makes it suitable for darker complexions. Its a nice everyday pink and has found its way into my carry around makeup bag. Very Impressed with RIMMELS collection of nudey pink shades.
Price:£4.99 Boots

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter- 001 Pink Truffle 
Pink truffle is rosy pink with a touch of brown to it. These Lip butters I actually thought were going to be much like lipbalms, but I still decided to pick it up since everybody was raving on about it.
   Surprisingly I love the glossy texture to it when applied to the lips, it gives this kind of lip plumping feel. If your not one for shine and glossy lipsticks then I would shy away from this product because its very glossy and gives a lot of moisture to the lips, so great for this period of cold weather.
  I found that the lipstick is sheer and colour payoff is achieved my applying more than a layer but I really like  it. It lasts for about 3-4 hrs which isn't to bad.
Price: £7.99 Boots
Rating: 4/5

WINNER!: Sleek True Colour Lipstick- Liqueur
I had to save the best till last! This was my favorite lipstick of 2012, it was my Christmas Holiday go to...and because of that I had to repurchase another when I got back because I was out! I absolutely LOVE this lipstick and believe it works well on all skin tones especially for us women of color. 
  I do think that this lipstick is one of sleeks best products. The texture is a sheen so it has a creamy satin finish. This has to be the best nude shade, that works best with my skin tone  In colour it is a pink beige with a brown undertone. Its a warm nude that doesn't give that dead dry lip look.... I thoroughly recommend it.
Pics of me wearing the lipstick below:
Sleek true colour
   However I've found that this lipstick does need reapplication after meals, but that's my ONLY con, apart from that J'adore (my french stops there).
Price: £4.99 sleek

Hope you guys enjoyed 'my favorite' post, if you would like to see more of these, just leave comment below 
Do you have any of the lipsticks above?what are your opinions?



  1. Sleek true color lipsticks happen to be really good, the problem I have is the staying power, but for the price, good buy! I currently use the earth and mulberry shades! nice post!

    1. I really enjoy them too! I do agree especially after food, I always need to reapply but they're good lipsticks for the price. I wanted to try Mulberry but was scared it would be too dark? whats your opinion on it ? and thank you XOXO

  2. I love revlon's black cherry my go to Autumn /winter lipstick

    1. I haven't tried it out but it looks like a really nice dark vampy shade! I'll defiantly check it out!


  3. Thanks for the review! I'm looking for a good, cheap lipstick right now and this is really helpful.

    1. I'm glad you found the post helpful, I'm going to try and do more of these! Thank you xoxox


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