10 March 2013

STYLE: 10 Sneakers/Trainers I FANCY

What I love about trainers and sneakers right now, are that they are ever evolving and designers are going harder to push the boundaries with colors, designs, shapes and textures.
  My last post was just simply to give inspiration on how you could style trainers, whereas this post is to give you an idea on some awesome designs out there and some which are tickling my fancy right now. I'm going to give you guys 10 different sneakers I love. Hopefully this will give you guys some insight into whats out there. And if you were possibly someone who thought all trainers were boyish and androgynous hopefully this will introduce a new insight on your perception of sneakers.

    So lets get to it....

9 March 2013

STYLE: For YOU Sneaker/Trainer Lovers

Trainers/Sneakers! An item of foot wear that many girls agree and disagree on. Some would never go near and others would hoard in their shoe collection. I'm a type of girl that could actually live in trainers if they were practical and glamorous for every single occasion, but that being said some girls have made it work and below I will post pictures of my favorite ways girls, have styled their sneakers to fit their occasion.
    From wedged sneakers, to Hi-Tops, too canvas sneakers, even running trainers (believe it or not lol) I love them all! and would never snob them. I sometimes feel some females do this only for the mere fact that they may still associate trainers as a tomboyish item of clothing and would never incorporated it into their outfit, which of course is perfectly fine. Or either their personal style is rigid not allowing them to experiment and play around with their footwear (all in all not their ideal style choice). 
      For me its all about YOUR personal style and weather your willing to experiment with it. I say this, because I've seen girls who have a versatile, edgy and experimental style obviously pulling sneakers off with very little effort (Rihanna, Angela Simmons) HOWEVER, I've also seen women with a more classic, chic, modern look, tieing together an outfit with an added touch of sneakers for example (Olivia Palermo)

      At the moment I own 4 pairs of trainers which I usually wear to do my run-arounds, and without fail absolutely live in when I'm travelling! For me when flying, comfortability always comes first and then obviously we try to add the stylish touches to the outfit from feet upwards. Picky I am, when it comes to purchasing my type of trainers. For one I love bling and anything that's shiny or textured so immediately I'm drawn to sneakers such as Mui Mui and Lanvin etc, However Ill be doing a separate post on that to come so keep posted lol!
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