22 June 2013

Style: L A Y E R S

I wore this outfit to a fashion show a while back, but never took pictures for the blog. So here's the outfit....I was inspired by the layers in the skirt, and decided why not layer again with my two step top. What I love about the skirt I'm wearing which is from Zara, is the detail of the lace and how playful and loose it is, making it uber comfortable. It was a combo I didn't think would work but when I threw it on I was happy with it. More pictures follow.

19 June 2013

Style: W H I T E O F F

Following on from my all white obsession, I thought it only right that I show you one of my white outfits I wore a while ago, to the Afro hair and beauty hair show! I added a pop of print with a leopard print cami underneath my shirt and sealed the deal with my black heeled sandals, which are one of my all time favs from Zara. Here are the rest of the pics 

16 June 2013

S T Y L E P U L L: White Out

T R E N D: White Out

I'm in love with the 'White Out' look. I think its clean, chic and classy. Currently I've purchased quite a few white pieces, but I keep reminding myself not to go too crazy as when London returns back to its colder state and winter returns, I wont feel comfortable wearing it in fear of the rain and bad weather.
   I totally think white looks are so holiday and summer appropriate, complimenting each other looking absolutely F R E S H. 

Celebrities have also gone white crazy too, take a look at the pics below... who do you think rocked it best?
Solange Knowles

Have You Missed Me

Hey lovely readers
Just a quick post explaining my absence! I wanted to get right stuck into my upcoming post, but thought it would be silly not to explain why I was away for so long. Reason being I had a couple of summer exams, for you that don't know I'm a Pharmacy student so like other courses it was another intense year! But I'm glad that I wrapped it up nicely and am able to finally enjoy my Summer Holiday *shimmys across the room* 'Can I get a HEYYY' lol

'So smile and laugh with me, and lets get summer rolling!'.... P.S I just joined the gym guys, been going but I'll keep you guys updated

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