16 June 2013

Have You Missed Me

Hey lovely readers
Just a quick post explaining my absence! I wanted to get right stuck into my upcoming post, but thought it would be silly not to explain why I was away for so long. Reason being I had a couple of summer exams, for you that don't know I'm a Pharmacy student so like other courses it was another intense year! But I'm glad that I wrapped it up nicely and am able to finally enjoy my Summer Holiday *shimmys across the room* 'Can I get a HEYYY' lol

'So smile and laugh with me, and lets get summer rolling!'.... P.S I just joined the gym guys, been going but I'll keep you guys updated


  1. Yay! Nice to see you pop-up in my Bloglovin' feed! Welcome back! :) xx

    1. Awww Thank You girl!, feels good to be back and blogging again!


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