27 July 2013

Most Used Make-up Products

I thought it would be helpful to write a post, and give you readers an insight into my most used makeup products this month. Once I like a product I tend to stick with it, apart from foundations because I feel there is always a better foundation being released. And its just a girls curiosity really, that constant search for the perfect foundation. Below I have picked out 6 products which I will give my personal views on.....so lets get into it.

10 July 2013

Marbella: Safari Silk

One of the nights out, we went to a lovely cultured Italian restaurant in Puerto Banus, to have dinner over looking the marina. Below is what I wore..... I don't know why, but I thought the outfit had a very safari feel to it, nonetheless it was comfortable so I felt as free as a bird.

9 July 2013

Puerto Banus, Marbella

In the previous post, I did promise more pictures from Marbella, located in the South of Spain. It's a city which is situated on the Mediterranean sea. The girls and I stayed in Puerto Banus, the marina which is just southwest of Marbella.

Would I go back again?: Yes I would defiantly go back to Marbella. It being my first time there, it had a very Beverly Hills feel to it, especially down by the marina port. Touching down at the airport which was in Malaga, it was hot but not unbearably hot. Now because there isn't an airport located in Marbella or rather Puerto Banus. There are transfers available to receive you at Malaga and take you down to the marina. It takes about 45mins which went quickly, as I spent it sleeping, completely shattered as I hadn't any sleep from the night before (girl problems...packing my life away).

4 July 2013

Thursday's Style Crush: Miley Cyrus

I never thought I'd be giving Miley Cyrus so much credit for her style! But the girl, has defiantly got it going on. As well as being engaged to such a hottie, her career has taken a new high with her personal style too. I would describe her style as urban, punk and very edgy.

3 July 2013

T R E N D: Perspex clutch

When I set my eyes on the Perspex Clutches I fell in love! Chanel brought out their version of the clutch ' Lego Clutch' and I was almost salivating over it! The transparent feature and the small size of it makes it cute and perfect for that evening occasion. Mind you, it doesn't carry much, so be prepared to carry with you literally your phone and COIN purse, maybe if your lucky powder or lippy.
   Now high-street stores have taken the style and have run off with it! They were firstly available in Zara, but were sold out within days, I know because I kept trying to get my hands on it until I got lucky! But recently checking out the Zara store it looks like they don't have them up anymore. But rest assure I was able to find a couple ebay sellers listed here and here

Below are pictures of the gorgeous clutches, feast your eyes

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