27 July 2013

Most Used Make-up Products

I thought it would be helpful to write a post, and give you readers an insight into my most used makeup products this month. Once I like a product I tend to stick with it, apart from foundations because I feel there is always a better foundation being released. And its just a girls curiosity really, that constant search for the perfect foundation. Below I have picked out 6 products which I will give my personal views on.....so lets get into it.

Lancome: Teint Idole Ultra 24H

This foundation right now for me is my most used foundation. I haven't reached for my Chanel or other foundation products this year. However with good also comes bad which I will be reviewing in my upcoming posts.

Laura Mercier: Foundation Primer (oil free)

Laura Mercier foundation primer, fast became a favorite of mine on holiday in Spain. When applied it removes any sort of shine, which helped my makeup stay on for longer and together during the hot weather and beaming sunshine. This defiantly helped in controlling my oiliness, and has become a staple product for me. 
  I had tried it during the winter periods, but obviously with the product holding back my oiliness and harsh winter weather it completely dried out my skin. So a summer product this is for me not a winter one.
   I will say that this primer is of a thick consistency and therefore, a little bit goes a long way.. Using a lot may make your makeup feel heavy so I would avoid using too much.

Bh Cosmetics- 28 Color Palette (Neutral eyeshadow)

I want to give this palette a standing ovation, and a moment of silence lool. I only recently got into eye shadows this year, and I'm still constantly learning about how to apply shadow to my eye shape. Eye-shadows a difficult skill to learn because of our different eye-shapes and therefore one persons tutorial of eye-shadow application won't look the same on another. Its really just about learning to work with your eye-shape and tweaking different tutorials to suit you.
   However for anyone wanting to experiment with eye-shadows, I would recommend trying neutral colors because you can never really go wrong, and if you do its never too obvious. Ever since I bought this palette I have used it on every eye-shadow look I've created. Since its a neutral palette, it has every neutrall shadow for different skin tones right from your complete nudes down to your dark's.
    Its an awesome palette to bring on holiday, with all the different shades it makes life easy and is very practical. I took this Bh cosmetics palette, along with my Mac palette to Spain and that was it for my shadows. When I'm traveling, I'm not a fan of bringing single pots of shadow, only for the mere reason that, you want to take so many different colors that there won't be space for anything else. So I would say invest in a good palette, it doesn't have to be expensive, and it will be your best companion.
This Palette was inexpensive and cost me £13.13 from Amazon, heres the link

Mac Compact Powder- NW58

I remember telling you guys a while ago, that I wanted to find a good contour color or product! well I did, I picked up the Mac compact powder in the darkest shade they had which was NW58, and it works perfectly. A trick I've also been using on days I don't what my contour to be too harsh and I don't want to use many products, is by using a dark blush, like format it works just a well.

Mac Paint Pot- Painterly

My Mac Paint Pot, has been my makeup treasure. I had been looking for a eye primer for my shadow and for some reason the urban decay doesn't gel with me and neither does the too faced. I first saw this product all over youtube, literally every you-tuber uses this paint pot as a eye primer or in the color 'Soft ochre'. But I kid you not guys it is so solid at giving a lasting shadow without creases. When I don't use this primer I notice a big difference in color payoff and duration. The great thing about this product when applied to the lid, is that because of the color it mutes out any discoloration of the lid and gives a good canvas for the true color of the shadow. Best product till date.

Mac Lipstick- Blankety

This was my favorite lipstick of last month, during my time in Spain. It was newly bought and by far one of my best nudes. I wore this in my previous style post Marbella- Safari, which I got many comments on what lipstick I was wearing. This lipstick is quite a light nude and I therefore pair it with a lipliner to avoid the harsh look, topped with a nude lip gloss. Perfecto!!

And that's it for my current most used make-up products of this month!
It was pretty lengthy but I thought I'd go into detail about the products for you guys

Hope you enjoyed the post


  1. I'm definitely with you on the Lancome foundation, my fav so far. I have a similar palette to the BH Cosmetics one, its not really pigmented and I got it from ebay when I was in uni, im contemplating purchasing your one but im scared its the same as mine but mine just has no brand :s

    ahhhh wish u lived next door lol

    great post boo

  2. thank you for this post i really didn't know what contour colour to use, because of you i've purchased the NW58 ..Love you blog xoxox

  3. Do you have a new blog now?


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