9 July 2013

Puerto Banus, Marbella

In the previous post, I did promise more pictures from Marbella, located in the South of Spain. It's a city which is situated on the Mediterranean sea. The girls and I stayed in Puerto Banus, the marina which is just southwest of Marbella.

Would I go back again?: Yes I would defiantly go back to Marbella. It being my first time there, it had a very Beverly Hills feel to it, especially down by the marina port. Touching down at the airport which was in Malaga, it was hot but not unbearably hot. Now because there isn't an airport located in Marbella or rather Puerto Banus. There are transfers available to receive you at Malaga and take you down to the marina. It takes about 45mins which went quickly, as I spent it sleeping, completely shattered as I hadn't any sleep from the night before (girl problems...packing my life away).

Where did you stay?: We stayed in a beautiful villa resort called 'La Medina de Banus' which was literally a 4min drive from the Puerto Banus strip. The villa resort was absolutely beautiful. So if you are thinking of going to Marbella, I would highly recommend it.

Hope you enjoyed some of the photos I was able to take... when your having fun, you absolutely forget about snapping pictures!


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