3 July 2013

T R E N D: Perspex clutch

When I set my eyes on the Perspex Clutches I fell in love! Chanel brought out their version of the clutch ' Lego Clutch' and I was almost salivating over it! The transparent feature and the small size of it makes it cute and perfect for that evening occasion. Mind you, it doesn't carry much, so be prepared to carry with you literally your phone and COIN purse, maybe if your lucky powder or lippy.
   Now high-street stores have taken the style and have run off with it! They were firstly available in Zara, but were sold out within days, I know because I kept trying to get my hands on it until I got lucky! But recently checking out the Zara store it looks like they don't have them up anymore. But rest assure I was able to find a couple ebay sellers listed here and here

Below are pictures of the gorgeous clutches, feast your eyes

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