29 May 2014

BEAUTY: MAC HAUL (First impressions)

I have a Mac haul/first impressions to share with you today. If I'm being honest I have accumulated quite a few MAC products over these past few months, and thought I would break them down into segments. Why MAC products? you may ask, and its quite simple. For me I just feel Mac is easily accessible with their swift online shopping, it just makes ordering simple and stress free. So this is going to be my part 1, as the rest of my purchases are their pan filled eye-shadows. Let me tell you now, MAC have still got it lol. If my MAC eye-shadow pallet, is something you want me to go into detail about, do let me know and I will do a post on it (As I have now filled it completely).

26 May 2014

B A C K 4 G O O D

Hello Guys!
 So its been a while hasn't it *silent pause, grinning behind laptop screen*. As you guys know I commenced my final year at university this past year and have been so busy without any time for self. But that's all about to change once and for all, as I have now completely finished my masters.
I will be blogging regularly from here on out, so I wanted to just let you guys know, instead of just getting right into posting. I want to however thank my readers for checking in with the blog these past few months that have gone by, and thank you for the emails I have received.
 I appreciate it and thank you so very much.
I'm really excited to share with you guys some amazing makeup items I've come across, that are perfect for women of colour. My frustration, use to be finding good lipstick shades and the right eye shadow lid and crease colors, that would show up on my skin. So keep posted as I will be reviewing and showing you these products in upcoming posts.
  Also feel free to drop me emails, on what you want me to blog about and any questions you have

(Feels good to be back)
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