29 May 2014

BEAUTY: MAC HAUL (First impressions)

I have a Mac haul/first impressions to share with you today. If I'm being honest I have accumulated quite a few MAC products over these past few months, and thought I would break them down into segments. Why MAC products? you may ask, and its quite simple. For me I just feel Mac is easily accessible with their swift online shopping, it just makes ordering simple and stress free. So this is going to be my part 1, as the rest of my purchases are their pan filled eye-shadows. Let me tell you now, MAC have still got it lol. If my MAC eye-shadow pallet, is something you want me to go into detail about, do let me know and I will do a post on it (As I have now filled it completely).

MAC Lipstick in Taupe and Siss (Left to Right)

First up is Mac-Taupe, and Mac- Siss lipstick. Quite recently Macs lipstick in Taupe has been popping up everywhere and is fast becoming a favorite by many. I can truly say that I love the shade of Taupe, its described by Mac as a 'muted reddish taupe brown'. Mac got it right with this lipstick, its the perfect brown nude colour appropriate for everyday wear and can be glammed up with a dark smokey eye for an evening out. Not to mention, it is a matte lipstick which I think will be flattering on women of colour (I highly recommend it!!). Mac's lipstick in Siss on the other hand would be a love/hate I think for many people. For me  I found it to be the  right mixing medium for my dark lip pencils. It is a lipstick you need to play around with, because when I got it I was so confused with the colour as its an almost golden brown. So as Siss is a light brown shade I like to pair it with my chestnut lip liner by Mac, topped with a glossy brown lip-gloss (Viva glam V) and I'm good to go. I will say now that Siss is not everyone's cup of tea, defiantly a shade you have to try on.

MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam V
I cant say much about this lipglass by MAC in the shade of Viva Glam V, other than its so flattering.(I highly recommend it, you'll love me forever!!) 

MAC Loose Golden Bronze Iridescent Powder
I have seen so many reviews on this bronzer, and let me tell you, I love it way more than my Mac golden deposit skin finish. Now don't get me wrong, I still  completely love gold deposit however, Mac Golden bronze iridescent loose powder is finely milled and applies to the skin like a dream, giving a subtle glow unlike our beloved Gold deposit, which is the highest of shines of any golden bronzer I own. Even a heavy hand with the loose golden bronze will still leave a wearable and gorgeous glow (Highly recommend it!!!). I defiantly think, if you don't own Mac gold deposit, then try this bronzer out.

MAC Brown Down Eyeshadow

Above is Macs Brown Down eye-shadow which is a classic warm dark brown. This colour is a signature crease colour, to give definition to the eye. It can even be used to contour the face, which I will be using it for aswell.

MAC brush #224
Above is Macs popular brush in 224. This brush was the first Mac brush I purchased. I was recommended this brush by the sales assistant and loved it so much (come to think of it, I'm pretty sure this was the only brush I owned at time lool). Back then I had absolutely no clue about eye-shadows, I don't even think I even owned a palette, but I was told it was a good brush for blending concealer. However I sadly lost the brush, I was literally so livid. This brush is multi functional, which is what I love about it. It can be used for concealer, but I will also be using this brush for my crease colours using eye-shadows. It is a great tool for getting the perfect eye look. I'm not to sure why it took me so long to replace this makeup brush but I'm sure it has something to do with MAC's prices of their brushes, they can be so ridiculously expensive. Buying a brush from Mac to me is the equivalent to buying their face products. 

MAC Lip Pencil in Chestnut
EVERYGIRL needs, I repeat NEEDS a brown lip liner. It is essential for getting nude lipsticks to look flattering on our skin tone. I have got a couple that I love, and I have been meaning to get my hands on chestnut lip pencil. Its a perfect dark brown colour which I think every women of color should own (highly recommend!)


Nails are Barry M in Coral, nice pop of orange/coral, to brighten up the day. I don't find myself using Barry M nail varnish anymore though, as I find Collections 2000 gel nail varnish the BEST. They are literally worth every penny and are cheaper than Barry M I think. With the collection 2000 it gives a professional manicure nail finish and the gloss stays for a couple of days without a clear top coat, and it takes quite a while before it chips. Whereas with Barry M, it has already lost its shine and my glossy orange/coral nails in the picture are looking matte already. However I will say I am always washing my hands after everything I do with antibacterial wash and that does remove the gloss from most nail varnishes. But I just feel there are better nail varnishes out on the market....Barry M you need to up your game with your formula lol.

Hope you, enjoyed the post
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  1. Love this; I love Mac products too and I get what you mean about their brushes; it's just so ridiculously expensive :(
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~ http://smilerrr.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/maycurrent-beauty-favouritesmini-reviews.html

    1. Thanks girl! I love their brush quality, but their too pricey for a single brush! lool xxxxx

  2. I love taupe. Heard so much nice things about this bronzer adding it to my wish list. Glad to have you back!


    1. The bronzer is everything, you'd love it! highly recommend it!
      and thank you myloveyyy! love the new blog layouttt xxxx

  3. Great post!
    Please go into detail on your mac eyeshadow palette , this would really help, just purchased my own and I'm yet to finish filling it up...x

    1. Thank you Lia, thanks for checking the blog out too,
      I will definitely do my Mac eye-shadow palette show and tell! since I know it will be of help xxx

  4. Mac Siss looks amazing!
    On the hunt for the perfect nude so will try that out in store :)

    BLEURGH - https://say-bleurgh.blogspot.com

  5. I've got taupe and It's literally my go to lipstick for work. Will keep an eye out for Siss and the lipglass.

    Great post :)


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