19 July 2014


The beauty talk of the week goes to 'eyebrow threading'. Today, I'm going to talk eyebrow threading with you guys. However before I get into the details , I will start off with the basics of what it's all about.

WHAT IS IT: Threading is an ancient form of hair removal, which originated from the Middle East and South Asia. Now although commonly in the western part of the world, threading is used for eyebrow shaping. In the Middle East and South Asia it was commonly used to remove hair from the other parts of the face as well. The upper lip, chin, those side burns and cheeks were all subject to hair removal by threading, and some salons here in the West, do offer these services in addition to eyebrow threading as well.

BENEFITS: Threading has a lot of benefits, and is therefore a favourite by many people, however a lot of people are not familiar with the technique and thats why I'm writing this post. One of the main benefits of threading is the precision. Other eyebrow shaping techniques like waxing are not precise like threading is. The technician goes through the eyebrow hairs row by row and is able to remove unwanted stray hairs easily and precisely. As threading is so precise, it can even remove the finest hairs that waxing or even plucking cannot do.

It's also a relatively fast procudre and takes my technician about 10 mintues to finish. Asides from how quick it is, it also pretty inexpensive.

Lastly another benefit of threading, is that for individuals who have sensitive skin or skin conditions, threading does not interact with the skin, as the technique uses a simple thread technique removing the hair from the root. Whereas waxing on the other hand could even possibly remove a layer of skin along with the hair. Worst yet, one could easily be allergic to the waxing substance, which in threading you wouldn't have.

PROBLEMS: As the technique is a relatively new technique in the West (I say relatively new, as I have been threading for 6 years now), although more and more threading professionals are surfacing. Do make sure to find a credible threading salon, and make sure the salon is a safe and clean environment, with new and sterile threads.

The main problem I think people may have with threading like any other form of hair removal, is the pain. As the technique directly removes hair from the roots it can be painful just as waxing and plucking. However this can be minimised, if it is done professionally. Threading can also cause some redness, swelling and may even itch....but these tend to subside after a while. I personally on some occasions will experience some redness, but thats if I've left my eyebrows to grow out for quite a while.

TECHNIQUE: Threading is a procedure that uses the tool of cotton or polyester thread, which is doubled then twisted and rolled over the area of unwanted hair, taking the hair from follicle level (Picture above). When threading, hairs can be taken out row by row at a time, whereas with plucking this limits one to taking a hair out at a time. Ultimately taking longer to perform than threading.

Below are pictures of my eyebrows, before and after they were threaded. What a difference it makes, right?!?! My brows are very hairy, but I've always loved the thick brow look, so when I have my appointments I usually only tell them to 'clean my brows up, but keep them thick'. I hadn't had them threaded for at least 4 or even 5 weeks.

Like I said above I have been threading my brows for around 6 years and have had no problems with it at all. Usually I get my eyebrows threaded every 3 weeks, years ago I use to go every 2 weeks but I don't have the time. So when I find the time I go, or if they are just looking very unruly then I'll head to my beautician.  I would highly recommend you try it out for shaping the brows if you don't already and let me know how you get on. Trust me, I'm pretty sure once you start you won't stop!


In the UK, it is easy to find threading professionals. Whereby if your living in Nigeria, a few beauty bloggers Beautyinlagos and Vievebutterfly  have done great reviews for Stellas Addiction, who performs the service herself at her location: 5 Wole Ariyo, just off Admiralty Way
Price 2000 Naira
No: 08162606066  

I hope you found this post informative, and if you have any questions feel free to email me!
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. I get my brows threaded in India, it is less painful and I feel that is totally down to the training that people get for it over there. eyebrow threading

  2. Love what you're doing here guys, keep it up!..

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