24 July 2014


The beauty talk of the week, goes to 5 tips to prevent your makeup from caking, achieving a nice smooth finish. Which ideally makeup should look like right?!...You may ask, 'well Jenny what does cakey makeup mean?' and thats a great question. Cakey makeup is a term used for a mask like finish to the face, which gives the appearance that you smacked the whole product of makeup on your skin.

Nobody wants to walk around purposefully with unnatural, cakey makeup (hopefully) as it looks as if you are wearing too much makeup and is said to also age the skin. There is an art to applying makeup, I've had to learn through trial and error, and I would say I have made drastic improvement in my application technique. I use the words drastic improvements, as obviously I am not a professional makeup artist so I am not 100% quite there yet (even makeup artists don't get it right all the time).

Learning from trial and error means, I have made some MAKEUP MISTAKES and NO NO's! (thinking about them, literally makes me cringe)... So with that said, I am here to give you 5 tips which I have learnt that will give you a smooth and fresh makeup finish.
  • 1)PREP AND PRIME YOUR SKIN: Knowing your skin type is very important. For example I have oily skin and therefore need to prep my skin with an oil free moisturiser and go in with a primer (especially for controlling large pores). Dryer skins usually would exfoliate first before using a rich moisturiser. Primers I feel are essential, as they create a smooth surface for the foundation to go on top of, not to mention extending how long your makeup lasts for. I have tried going without a primer, and I felt like my skin had absorbed the product especially with my oily skin. Using a primer creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup product, so I highly advise using one.  Below are two primers I am currently back and forth between, Benefits the POREfessional which is extremely good (highly recommend and have been using it for months), and Maybelline baby face primer (new primer I'm trying out). I will do a review and let you know my thoughts on them both.


  • 2) DON'T APPLY TO MUCH: One of the main causes of cakey makeup is, applying to much foundation and concealer. If the foundation application goes wrong, the makeup look, goes wrong. I understand that if you have blemishes or you want full coverage, your first thought is to apply layers of foundation and concealer, however this is not needed. A tip to avoid cakey make up, is just to apply a thin layer of foundation to even your skin tone at a time, and where you have blemishes, go over with a concealer. Currently I don't use foundation, but will use a liquid concealer where I feel I need to conceal and will then use my Mac Mineralize Skinfinish powder all over my face. I will tell you now, that this is working perfectly for me, and gives the most perfect natural finish. So remember to apply thin layers of foundation at a time, as you can always add more but can not remove any product. 
  • 3) POWDER OILY AREAS ONLY: This is a crucial step in makeup application for those that use liquid foundation. Once the foundation is applied, you are going to want to set it. The best way to prevent cakey makeup, is to apply your powder to the oiliest parts of your face (usually your T-zone). The best way to also set your foundation is to use a thin powder puff, which applies the powder in a thin layer. Another tip is to use a light coverage powder like MAC Mineralize SkinFinish. I know some people like to use a foundation powder to set their foundation, but I personally think if you have applied your foundation and concealer in all the correct places, you should't need to set, with an additional powder foundation as they are heavy products that add to a cakey makeup look. 

  • 4) TOUCH UPS (REFRESH): For those that have oily skin like I do, we find ourselves having to touch up the t-zone area. A tip to prevent cakey makeup, is to instead of brushing more powder over the face and adding more product with a powder. Blotting your t-zone with blotting papers keeps the shine away and prevents cakey makeup. During the day, when my face becomes oily, I use to powder my face with my MAC skin finish powder, but it cakes. I then use to use tissue but noticed it would remove my makeup from the places I blotted. Blotting papers are the best tool to use in my opinion!
NYX Blotting Paper

  • 5)MIST SETTING SPRAY: To remove the dry look you get after applying powder, spray mist setting spray all over the face after finishing your makeup. My favourite spray is MAC fix+ which is just amazing or the ELF mist spray I found was just as good and a fraction of the price. This helps to give a nice glow, making the powder sink into the foundation. I do have oily skin, but I still use a mist spray, because I am not a fan of the all matte makeup look, I like a little bit of dewiness. 

And there are my top 5 tips to flawless smooth makeup
I hope this helped and let me know if you have any tips you have to prevent cakey makeup 


  1. Lovely post hun...very much helpful x

    1. Ofure dear! Thank you, I'm glad you found it helpful because these are all tips that have been tried and tested by me and actually work! hope you try them out too xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! They are brilliant tips that have worked for me! if you try them out, do let me know how it worked out for you xxx


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