13 July 2014

Beauty: My Skin Care Regimen Story

I haven't actually done a post on my skin before, and how I care for it, considering this is a frequently asked question I get. "what do I use", "How does one, get spot free skin", " What vitamins are good for the skin"... and so on.

Now, I'm not a dermatologist or a skincare expert, but I have learnt a lot over the years on what works well with my skin and what doesn't work, so this post encompasses tips and products that have worked very well for me.

Now one of the main reasons, I honestly don't do skin product reviews on the blog like I've wanted to. Is that, up until last year summer I was a complete product junkie. Meaning I used everything from an exfoliating scrub, face wash, cleanser, toner, and moisturiser, and even spot gels .....all in one regimen session!

Now that is what I call product overload don't you think?

These products kept my skin clear, spot free, and radiant ......so for me, I thought what do I really need to cut out or change in my then current regimen. This was until my amazing Grandma came to stay with us, as my brothers graduation was coming up. One morning, I was at it away in the bathroom, going through my routine with my numerous products, when she came in and was watching me lool. I couldn't stop laughing the way she was just observing me plough through the products... she then left the bathroom shortly after and left me to it. As I walked out of the bathroom feeling accomplished and ready to start the day she sat me down, and told me key and important information about skin, which I use till this day and will carry on using.

What my grandma said, was that all the tugging, scrubbing and pulling with these products will drag the skin and even though they may combat and control oils and prevent spots, not long from now I may start to develop wrinkles (a girls worst nightmare). Now this is a true fact, the skin is elastic and with everything elastic like a rubber band, hairband, and even your lips... if you keep tugging at them, they will soon fast lose their elasticity.

My grandma also raised another brilliant fact, whereby more products didn't nessassrily mean clearer skin. Cut down your routine and you will see the benefits of what even a simple bar soap and good rich moisterizer can do. So I listened, and to be honest shortly after, London went through a period where it just got ridiculously hot, and I developed a rash on my face. For that reason I went to my trusted GP and surprisingly he prescribed me Simple bar soap and Cetreben Emiollent lotion. I was dissapionted with the prescription, I don't even know what I was actually even looking for, but I guess I was looking for something more medicated.

So together with my GPs prescription of a bar soap which just so happened to be called "Simple" lol and an emollient cream. Which supported my grandmas theory on ' you will see the benefits of what even a simple bar soap and good rich moisterizer can do' I went home determined to start this new skin routine. So I completed a full week morning and night, using the bar soap and lotion. In that one week I saw a tremendous difference, my rash had faded and my skin looked plump and radiant. I continued this routine for 3-4 months, I honestly will say my skin had never been better.
I kept thinking,

so this is the working of "A BAR SOAP AND LOTION....ONLY!".

You see my grandma is a babe lol, and she has lived and knows what works for skin and different tips and tricks. Till today I use a bar soap and lotion, however I switch up my soap and moisturiser, when I feel it no longer is doing the trick for me.

I will say, that I have oily skin, so sometimes I have a period whereby my soap and moisturiser regimen just can't control blemishes (meaning breakouts, I just hate using the word spot), which tends to occur around a womans time of the month. So when the breakouts try to make a scene, I quickly reach for some damage control products, my toner and spot gel...and maybe even a heavy duty exfoliating scrub. And this does the trick, but I will only do this processes, if I feel my skin is about to start rioting.
So currently my routine consists of:  Wright Traditional bar soap
                                                           Cetreben Emoillent lotion

So I hope you have enjoyed my lengthy story, about how my two product skin regimen developed. In my next skin care post, I will show and talk you through the different soaps and lotions I've used. Just a little side note...that I know this method of which I use may not work with everyone but I strongly believe in simplifying ones skincare regimen and focusing heavily on your water content and what you ingest (food and vitamins) helps more, than just relying on high chemical content beauty products.
Hope you guys, enjoyed this post!

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  1. I agree
    I have sensitive skin so stay away from experimentation and stick to a simple face wash and lotion, with occasional exfoliating scrubs (once a week) and I have a good face with/without makeup (I've been told).
    Sometimes we get so bogged down with beauty that we forget our predecessors survived just fine without all these products lol
    BLEURGH - http://www.bleurghnow.com


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